Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Reviews 2015

Here are a few comments I have received in 2015 for my work making the Don shoe.
Thank you to all my wonderful customers over the years.

Hi Allan,

Shoes are looking good and feeling good.

Hi, Don.
I love the shoes! They are amazing! Im soon about to buy another one. Is it still impossible to have the Balboa in my size?

Hi Allan

Just want to say I received my shoes today - thank you for the quick delivery, it is much appreciated.

And they are fantastic.


Hi Allan!
I received the shoes and I love them!!! Your work is awesome and I'm very short and love men's shoes!! These are the most comfortable elevated shoes I've worn! I've never tried mid sole technology and I can't believe how much more comfortable they are. I also love that I can customize my shoe size for any of your shoes! They are awesome!!!!  I'm about to go online and order another couple of pairs in different styles. You will have me as a long standing customer. I appreciate what you do!!
Thank you so much!

Hi Allan, I've been walking regulary with my New Caterpillar boots and I must say: they really create better posture. I no longer have back pain caused by wearing excessively those sloped incresing insoles that creates a postural imbalance. Only downside is that I have flat feet since I was a child. I went to an orthopedic doctor a long ago and he gave me a list of exercises to help build the arch in my feet and alleviate foot pain. Of course, I never did them because I never cared but I am going to try them now.

I got my first order and let me tell you. The quality is on point the shoes are amazing.

Looks great Allan.  I am very excited to receive them.  The other five pairs I purchased continue to get more comfortable with time and have become my favorite shoes.  

Thank you for the excellent service.

Hello Allan, this is Dennis Can't thank you enough for the shoes! you nailed it! the high sole in the fossato's are actually natural feeling. Honestly, I never thought that would be possible in 4/5inch range.. wearing them now And with the other walking/jogging shoes, you compensated my flat feet with arch support, so good that it's actually reversing my knocked knees! Wtf? -it's like you measured my feet in person with a perfect mold !! Much love my bruhtha, Much love!

Good Evening Don,

Just to let you know that pair of shoes has arrived. It's truly perfect!!

Thank you so much!

Best Regards,

Hello, I received the boots and have had a few days to try them out. I am very pleased with the quality and comfort. Thank you for the great service.
Just got my other pair...i love 'em!! Thank you Don!! Wonderful finish!!

I ordered a pair of the Quiri I's over a year ago and love them. I wore them for my wedding and many other occasions with great success. I am interested in another purchase if you can help me with a few questions.

I just got the boots today. I love them. They are beautiful

That's quite alright, Allan. Thank you for letting me know. Your shoes have changed my life, and that's not just hyperbole. They've helped shape the course of my life. Thank you for what you do.


Just let you know that, I received the shoes fantastic! Great Job my friend.
Ill't be sure make another order, probably for this summer! 
Thank's a lot

Kindest Regards


Received the shoes.  They're fantastic !!!

Thank you so much for the shoes I just got them in the mail, everything is perfect I will definitely spread the word about your shoes now!

EXTREMELY THANKFUL for your fast shipping service and the quality of the shoes you sent me. I tried it on the Beppe today...feels and looks great. You are the greatest!!



Dear Allan,
I am beyond thrilled with the Polgato 3 pair you made for me. Received them by post today! :)
Here are some things that stick in my mind about your work:
1) Incredible quality, immense comfort, and superior craftsmanship. 
2) Your professionalism, friendliness, and help with my super speedy shipment. 

I have a renewed sense of confidence in business situations now, and I'll be proud to wear your shoes at my interview. Thank you

Hi, Don!

The shoes arrived! Wow, I have never seen such beautiful work in my life for a pair of shoes. You are a true artisan and shoe maker. I want to give my thanks to you and your team and all of the time you put into them. I will definitely be purchasing others in the future. They fit perfectly, nice and snug and are very comfortable.

EXTREMELY THANKFUL for your fast shipping service and the quality of the shoes you sent me. I tried it on the Beppe today...feels and looks great. You are the greatest!!



Dear Alan Donelly,
Here is a photo of me in your beautiful boots you made. I love, love, love them and I will always take good care of them. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Alejandro Rodriguez

Hi Allan. I ordered a pair of your elevator shoes couple of years back. I am still using it and am more than satisfied with the quality and durability. Your shoes are just great.

Hi Allan,

I just received the shoes and they are wonderful!  I never thought I would ever order handmade shoes for myself as I always thought of it as a non-necessary luxury item, but I am a believer now and this is a luxury I can't live without.

I will be placing another order for a different style in a week or so.  Thanks again! 

Don's Footwear is a men's shoemaker specializing in bespoke elevator shoes 

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