Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Custom made elevator shoes

I have the pleasure to announce that Don's footwear is now custom making elevator shoes. We will be offering this unique service starting from next Monday. Initials will now be embossed of the bottom of the leather heel step, I will ask all customers if they wish to have this during the check-out process.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Large size elevator shoes

I am happy to announce that in the near future Don's footwear will be able to create Larger sized elevator shoes. We are going to sit down and disuse which shoe last to use to make an elevator shoe size 12 and 12.5. We have decided to create a few custom made shoes for a customer in the USA, We are willing to cater for other sizes i.e elevator shoes size EE if requests come in please visit this page on our website

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elevator shoes website Reviews

High quality elevator shoes are hard to come by. Thats why I decided to made this short list of websites that provide elevator shoes for both men and women.

Don's Handmade with full grain leather some of the best elevator shoes

Richlee made in China, I purchase some myself, synthetic leather

walktall Purchased the rodeo model about 5 years ago, quite a boring shape I didn't smile when I opened the box, also the insert fits lose inside the shoe

Constep Purchased 2 pairs 4 years ago to receive the free shipping, I was happy with 1 pair however the other pair looked terrible and felt very uncomfortable and so I never wore them again. based in Hong Kong so I had to pay extra tax on arrival.

Jel Received the catalog for their selection of elevator shoes, From my experience in working in the shoe industry I can tell that they are over priced! also made in India

After many years of searching for the quality elevator shoes I deiced to make my own. After I discovering a high quality shoe manufacture at a shoe trade fair. I asked if they would be interested in creating a height increasing shoes that not yet available on the market. A comfortable, pain free full grain leather shoe

My name is Allan Donnelly, I am the owner of Dons elevator shoes

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

elevator shoes

The new elevator shoes video

elevator shoes

The new elevator shoes video

Bill and Biff Shoe fair Bangkok Thailand

Always known for the manufacturer of men's high quality footwear, The Don firm will be presenting its fine collection of men's footwear at the BILL & BIFF trade show in Bangkok on the 12th of August 2009. this is our operation aimed at acquiring new customers into the fine leather elevator shoe/ posture improving shoe segment. Our ability to combine artisan craftsmanship with technology will be showcased at this event! We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, June 8, 2009

men's height increasing shoes

The best calf hides are targeted for our men's height increasing shoes The product is finished, smoothed, pulled up, soft, polished, embossed and patterned. Our designer is always on top of the latest trends.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The best of Todays elevator shoes

The best of Today's elevator shoes

The difference between an anonymous pair of shoes and a high end hand crafted creation consists of a strap of sort hide carefully worked 2.5 mil thick and 1.5 mil large characterized by small regular notches to correspond so many seam stitches. A suitable and flexible strap called welt, sore a delicacy, the patience necessary to hand sew the particular component. Skill and accuracy are the same as those of a gold smithy, whose hands are often more older than others, they are more experienced, the move as if they were in strict contact with heart, with the emotional rhythms of an ancient passion. They pull the awl to hole the hide and the welt while the hemp thread glides over thanks to the wax with which it is covered. Hands that move continuously and with no hurry. it takes time for each shoe to reach the stage of utmost accuracy. This is the work of Dons elevator shoes, In the world of fashion Don's footwear dress the feet of high clientele, they are demanding and aware about the value of the shoe. Famous and rich faces turn to don's. Footwear is our life, if a client wishes his name inscribed on the shoe, or another that wants a different signature then Don's footwear will provide.

Friday, June 5, 2009

high- end elevator shoes

Its been decided that The Brand Don's will only be used for elevator shoes. Originaly we hope to introduce a regular shoes into the brand however after a little consideration we have decided against. Today I also have the pleasure to release our new video, a high-end elevator shoes Brand will soon hit the web!!! watch out!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Biff & Bill Bangkok

Dons Footwear will be appearing at the Biff&Bill trade show in August! Biff & Bill stands for Bangkok International Fashion Fair & Bangkok International Leather Something?

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