Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Footwear line from Rolf Footwear

I have the pleasure to announce that Rolf Footwear will be opening on the 5th of November. As they say, remember remember the 5th of November

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Groom Wedding shoes


Tall Shoes 4 Men Launches New Wedding Shoes Range
For immediate release
22 October 2009

Men who want to look their best in wedding photos, but are worried that their shorter stature could let them down, will love the new range of tuxedo elevator shoes from Don’s Shoes, sold through

These wedding shoes are posture improving shoes as well as height increasing shoes, and handmade from real leather. Don’s high-end tuxedo elevator shoes are designed to boost confidence at important occasions, while enhancing the wearer’s presence. (Not to mention attractiveness in he eyes of the opposite sex.)

Don’s height increasing shoes have always been a watchword for quality workmanship, elegance and style for the shorter gentleman. Now the new line in tuxedo elevator shoes extends these values to more formal occasions, from a family wedding to a red-carpet event.

There are essentially two kinds of tuxedo elevator shoes available from Don’s – the Sassari and Vercelli models. Both of these height increasing and body shape improving wedding shoes will help you walk tall on those important days when you can’t afford to leave anything to chance.

Both the Sassari and Vercelli are currently available for the sale price of around $250. These wedding shoes are original, quality-made Don’s, carefully fashioned from the finest leather, and that means no drops of glue, no loose threads and no plastic.

TallShoes4Men’s Allan Donnelly said: “Our tuxedo elevator shoes have a real leather sole, and a full-grain leather upper. We use soft calfskin leather to line our wedding shoes, and even the heel is made from leather. The heel is nailed rather than stapled on to our height increasing shoes, and we use only the highest quality rubber in the small block which goes on every heel.

“We’ve always provided shorter men with stylish height increasing shoes, and now we’re delighted to extend our range to more formal occasions. Everyone can get slightly jittery before a wedding, but now there’s no need for a gentleman to let his height prevent him from having a ball.”

Both the Sassari and Vercelli are available to buy in American sizes 7 to 13 (UK sizes 5.5 to 11.5) and these wedding shoes can boost height by either 2.75 or 3.1 inches.

The Sassari is an ultra-formal piece of footwear for when a man really is on show and has to look his best. These shiny black tuxedo elevator shoes are as at home on the red carpet as they are gliding across a dance floor.
The Vercelli wedding shoes are again quite formal Don’s height increasing shoes, and available in mahogany, tan and dark brown as well as black. Men love the classic design of these models, on which the three-piece stitching pattern is an ingenious foil to the more conservative stitching.

Wedding shoes - Vercelli
Tuxedo shoes Sassari

Notes for Editors

Further product information, photos and more information about height increasing shoes, visit
For media interviews and questions, contact Allan Donnelly at, or by calling (01646) 233 4255.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

elevator shoe press release

A link to a press release regarding our our tuxedo shoes. Dons footwear has sold 3 pairs to 3 separate wedding parties for the groom. Its something we now want to get into as it gives us all such a buzz.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

men's elevator shoes size 42 US 9.5

Ive just had a customer cancel on me at the last minute. I can do a deal for 2 different pairs of elevator shoes.

The lucca in black

Vibo Valentia in Black

shoot me an email, the shoes are on special for 150USD (offer ends soon)

Kind regards


Monday, October 19, 2009

celeb height shoes

How many celebs wear specially adapted shoes to make them taller? Ive created a list of known celebs that wear these elevator shoes. Its a lot more celebs than you would think! Many an actor uses height boosting shoes from the very early days of the carers. Its a lot of pressure in the indusrty to have the complete look and remember 6 foot blonds grow on trees in L.A

Here is my list of celebs that wear elevator shoes.

Tom cruise ( most famous wearer of elevator shoes

Brad Pitt ( just under 6 foot )

Tony Blair ( Still a very tall man, but uses the shoes to look more imposing in well use handshake photo)

Sven Goran Erickson - ( X- England football manager)

Mel Gibson (played beside many tall actress)

Sly Stallone (wears the biggest boats of them all)

Nicolas sarkozy - (Is my favorite wearer of elevator shoes. The man is brilliant)

Thats it......I'm out

Friday, October 16, 2009

elevator shoes news

BREAKING: Don's Footwear now has a latest news page in all things concerning elevator shoes. The page will include customer comments, FAQ regarding elevator shoes - pictures and details regarding the recent delays in production.

I want to take this opportunity to apologies greatly for the delays. We have made last minute improvements to the shoe last.

elevator shoes news 10/16/2009

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