Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Bangkok Shoe Forum 2020

On the 31st- 1st Nov 2020 The Gaysorn Mall Welcomed in The augural Bangkok Shoe Forum. 

For this first year it was not possible to have  international visitors due to Covid restrictions but we had enough brands to make a statement to give as a taste of bigger and bolder event due to come in 2021

So, Sit back and enjoy this roundup, as we review of the Shoe Forum with images taken in the first few hours of the event, 

I wish to thank all of you that stopped by even just to say hello, We very much enjoyed your company and please don't hesitate to come along next yar as I'm sure it will be an even bigger success next year

For those that we're unable to attend here is a virtual tour via Facebook live it was a fantastic location for the first, It's great to refect back to savour  the moment again of a world-class event


                                        The Winner of the 2020 Shoe Shine.

A few of the brands that participated

The best in the show was surely Who at the time of the event created shoes for 24kGoldn hit number 1 in the billboard charts in the U.S.A

Three Shoes is run by Mr Juui Who is 3rd Generation shoemaker, He has recently upped his game by doing a 6-month stint in Florence. 

The Last Shoemaker which managed by Allan Donnelly, The brand has a workshop in York U.K and will soon have a studio at One Bangkok.

Don's Footwear had a large booth and was giving out some fantastic deals as they kicked out stock from the MahaNakohn Showroom.

Vulture Shoe Shine showcased his skills and treated his regular customers at the event and sold off a lot of shoe creams and accessories.

The Paleo Pocket Square table was extremely popular.

Tansin Tannery was showcasing their lovely stingray and crocodile skins.

Winston and Maison residents of Gayson Mall showcased their first Handwelted shoe sample and soft indoor slippers

Chinthai Shoelast factory brought along their Foot Scanner. They have recently opened a new showroom and hope to entice customers along to create bespoke shoes via their own new high-grade software.

Understanding Leather a 30 min Seminar by Allan Donnelly of Don's Footwear

W.Ministry held an excellent 1-hour Menswear Seminar along with Mr 

Wonder Roasters filled the air the best smell, Very fine roasted coffee indeed 

The Seminar that I enjoyed the most was Mango Mojito doing their Patina Demonstration.

                               Mr Tommaso Maggio, Allan Donnelly, and Prote Sakuntalak

 Mr Tommaso Maggio the current resident Artist at the Thai-Italian chamber of commerce.
                                      Mr Attthakorn Engehuan The Editor and Chief at Robb Report
                Wooden Shoe Lasts created by Allan Donnelly of Don's Footwear & The Last Shoemaker
                 Mr Chip the owner of Tansin Tannery based in Samut Prakan
                      Mr B Kickxotic
Mr Chip has some of the best Stingray and croc skins that I have ever seen
                 The Owners of Winston & Maison
Mango Mojito create some very sweet Good Year Wlted shoes
                    The Chinthai Shoe last factory
The Display at Thansin and The Last Shoemaker
W. Ministry Display
The Entrance to the event was used as a sort of museum and a showcase of all the different shoemaking techniques. 
The all-important sole

The display at W. Ministry
Crab Pliers
The Shoe lasts belonging to Patrick Swayze 
Crimping boards 
The display of shoe trees.
Another picture of the tree's and shoe stands

The French pump used on the Brit shoes how ironic

Baby bespoke
Magazine Editors
Vulture Shoe Shine
Wonder Roasters
A joyous affair
A time for posing
Mr Tree from Montree PR
The Organisers and the Artist

Nile Crocodile

The Outsole
Traditional Golf Shoes
Shoe Tree's

Crocodile Wholecuts

Thank you!

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