Monday, April 22, 2013

Trunk Show

                             For the next month or so I will be showcasing a few styles at the CDC

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dons Shoes ( Comments from customers March 2013)

I had someone try to blackmail me. Its rather disappointing as one grows to like customers. Anyways Thats all that is best said about that. Below is some nice reviews from the last month ONLY!

Loved my shoes from earlier! So now you have me hooked as a returning customer. Thanks Allan!
I received the shoes and it is very good so thanks very much for it. I shall be sending you more orders soon.

They look beautiful -- you are a rock star!! I'm wearing my Salerno's right now :-)

Dear Allan:

I just got my first pair of boots from you. They are fantastic. They fit perfectly and are just what I wanted. Thanks so much for your professionalism!

about the shoes i really impress with the shape design and workmanship bro...keep up your good work because will have a better future in this businnes most of my also siad the same to you. thank you
Allan, LOVE the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are terrific. I actually took them to my shoe repair guy here at 20th Century Fox to darken them a little for me and he said they were some of the nicest shoes he’s worked on and he’s been a cobbler for 60 years.

Hi Allan,
Sorry,I did it again..
I placed an other order with you..
The shoes you already delivered are perfect and do not create any mess in my back..
Keep well!

Hi Allan,

Just got the two pairs of shoes - and just want to say thank you so much. You are a true artisan in a mass market world. Your shoes are perfect and from now on will be difficult to wear anything else. You are a rock star and will be in touch soon for more. I wish you and the family a blessed and joyous Easter. Much obliged.

Hello Allan

The shoes arrived this morning. What can I say they are fab. They fit perfect and look extremely lovely.

I cannot wait until I am fit again to go out and wear them.

Thank you very much appreciated

Happy Easter

Best wishes..
Hi Alan, got my shoes and I am very impressed. I love being taller!!!

Hi Allan,

I hope you are well.

I just would like to thank you on the superb job you did with the shoes I ordered.

All I can say is wow. I tried on the boots, and the fit beautifully. The brown with the burnished detailing is just perfect and the fit is great. And walking in them is so smooth! I couldn't be more satisfied, thank you so very much. If I could afford it, I would not shop anywhere else period. Again, thank you a million times over. You're a true craftsman.

Hi Allan,

Shoes arrived. I think they're going to be my new favorite pair. Thank you.


I am very impressed with the quality of these shoes.  

Hi Allan, 
Today I received the Nerone boots. Thank you very much. They fit perfectly and once more I am very satisfied with the end product. I'll be soon order more shoes. Keep up the good work and thank you  once again.

Kindest Regards,

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Golf Shoes

BEHOLD! Its the Don Golf Shoe!!! Its made in the MIDSOLE TECH Format, Full leather sole with Champ Cleats/soft spikes. The plan is  to complete the "Lifestyle" Collection for the website. I hope to cover all aspects of footwear for daily life from Bathroom slippers to Tennis shoes and whatever else that is suggested. The style below is the first step in that direction.

height increasing Punjab Jalsa wedding shoes by Dons Footwear

 NEW STYLE ALERT AUG 2023 Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe for your Punjab Jalsa wedding? Do you want to impress your brid...