Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reviews and comments for Don's Footwear April 2014 ( And Production pictures)

On a side not I am more than happy with what I have received in the past and you shoes are quickly becoming my favourite.
Boots are beautiful!  Thanks
You make them so beautifull that they are beautiful in every color.. 
Very comfortable and does not look weird eventhogh it is the highest shoe. Great work
Thank you very much
Can't wait for the next pair

Dear Don,

The MST OX-515 just arrived this morning.

It's the most beautiful shoes I ever owned. Thank you so much !!

Best Regards,
Hi Allan,
First of all, I want to thank you for making sure the shoes got to me in time for my husband's birthday. Secondly, although his birthday is next week, I was too excited about his present that I gave him the shoes early (so he could break them in before his birthday dinner next week).  As you predicted, he loved them! He says they fit like a glove and he is so happy.  He says it takes a bit to break them in but overall they are very comfortable.  
Thank you so much.  It must be gratifying to know how many satisfied customers you have, especially my husband who has never owned a pair of shoes to perfectly fit his unusually sized feet.  We will definitely spread the word to friends and family.  Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Got the first pair of shoes, looks great. Your work is beautiful.

Don, of the 7 pairs of shoes my brother and I ordered these past 2 years, they were all awesome,

Hello Allan,

I received my first shipment "The Pepper" boot. The shoe is exactly as I specified. The fit is perfect and very comfortable. Thank you for making such a high quality boot!


I just received my shoes yesterday and wore them to work today and I absolutely LOVE them! 
Hello Allan, the boots arrived today.  They look great.  Thanks.

Allen, thanks for sending my boots on time for my event.  I love them--they are very comfortable and high quality leather.  These are the best boots I've ever purchased.  You were very responsive to all my emails and I thank you for that. 
don the shoes just came and they are GORGEOUS. i am satisfied 100%, first pair of elevators ive ever bought that don't look tacky and plasticy and give you a substantial height increase as per the description.. i cant get over the fact that you make these all to custom. youve just made yourself a loyal repeat customer.

Hi Alan, just wanted to say i got the shoes last week and there fantastic great design. Quick question, do you do any shoes with a 3-4 inch heel? 

Hi Don, It's William . Thank you so much for my last pair; they are so well done. 

                                                 PRODUCTION PICTURES FOR APRIL 2014

                                                            Belvadere: Dark brown oil
                                                       Catanzaro: Beautiful two tone
                                                         Cuban Heel with a Chisel toe

                                              Loafer 001. Beautiful rustic suede brown tan

                                                            Loafer 002. Black Full grain
                                               Luxury cowboy boot. Black with detailing
                                                                                M53 A
                                             MST OX B513-2; Pebble Oxblood leather
                             Ralph: Black with Hybrid sole, looks quite different from the original.
                                           RL Classic: Suede brown with a new style sole
                                                   Savona, 4 incher in Middle brown
                                                             BB1 In Red/brown oil
                                                               BB1 In Red/brown

                                      MST Summer: Middle brown Gloss with inside Zip
                                                            MST Tassel: Suede brown
                                                             Torreta: Suede tan
                                                     Torreta: Dark brown oil in gloss
                                                     Vans: Suede tane, Hybrid sole

                                                Vans Suede rustic brown, Hybrid sole.

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