Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elevator shoes reviews

Guangzhou Changfeng Shoes in China supplies to tall shoe these websites. So basic fact is..Its the same shoes! same materials, same glues, same construction process. if you dont like them from 1 website, Im sure it will be the same result from the other

UK market:   http://secretshoes.co.uk/
US market:  Men's tall shoes: http://www.menstallshoes.com/
Australia market: http://www.taller.com.au/

Other Elevator websites.

1. www.donsfootwear.com Best in Category
2. www.masaltos.com Itialian
3. www.bertulli.com Spanish
4. www.bugarrishoes.com Belguim 
5. www.soyalto.com  Espana
8. www.hiplus.com/ Spanish
9. www.milanoo.com Italian 
10. www.taller.com.au Malaysian based in OZ
11. www.giraffeshoes.com Malaysian 

Well the good news is that www.mens-fashion-tips.com has picked up on the website and reviewed the don elevator shoes (cimini model), I have revamped this paticuilr style and things are going down well. Its the first review that we have had. (which is nice) Lets hope the momentum gathers.

Well the good news is that www.mens-fashion-tips.com has picked up on the website and reviewed the don elevator shoes (cimini model), I have revamped this paticuilr style and things are going down well. Its the first review that we have had. (which is nice) Lets hope the momentum gathers.

To view the website please click below.

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Elevator Shoes from Don's

The first video from Dons footwear is The Bergamo

tall shoes 4 men

Tall shoes 4 men is the retail outlet for our shoe making shop. The main keywords used in the search for our shoes are dons height shoes and dons footwear tallshoes4men is the only place on the web whereby you can buy High quality elevator shoes www.tallshoes4men.com

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuxedo elevator shoes

Dons are now making a fine tuxedo elevator shoe We have put our heart and sole into this 1. Full Grain Leather upper, Full grain leather lining, leather sole

These tuxedo shoes are among the best in the world, they can be used for formal events, proms, even daily use.


Height increasing tuxedo shoes from Dons Footwear! another feather in our hat.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dons Shoes First week.

Ts4m up an running.

Don's shoes are in their first week of existence after the 09-09-09 launch date, and we have learned that some people who have visited our website have encountered glitches or technical difficulties and we would like to apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. However we've been working tirelessly to overcome these teething troubles and believe that the website now runs smoothly, as it should.
We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to have a look at our weekly specials which will be updated every Saturday for the first month, and then which, after this introductory period, will become monthly specials updated on the first Saturday of every month. These specials offer superb extra discounts on what are already very competitive prices, especially when used in-conjunction with the 'Affiliated' codeword which provides a further 20 percent off to all pre-registered customers. Don't forget that the 'Affiliated' code expires on the 10-10-09.

So get on to the website and take advantage of these great launch time offers, as there will never be a better time to get into a pair of Don's and gain access to the Made Man Lounge.
Don's. Impose Yourself.

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The Top 10 Elevator shoes websites

Allan's Top 10 Elevator shoe websites

Would you like to know where to keep up with the latest elevator shoe trends? I've put together the best websites into this top ten quick list.

1 www.donsfootwear.com 
Don's makes all thier shoes by hand, The shoes are made to order so adjustments and custom orders can be requested. The best shoes on the web by far. Also has weekly deals and VIP for club for members.

2 www.tallmenshoes.com Large selection of casual wear made in China

3 www.elevatorshoes.com The longest running store on the web, Founded in 1998 only 2 years after the web exploded and has the best URL and mostly sells the most..

4 Not much else worth mentioning really as 90% of the shoes are all made from the 1 factory in China and shipped wholesale to the other brands/websites, so it pays to shop around as they are all the same shoes really.

To hell with the rest IMPOSE YOURSELF in DONS FOOTWEAR
                                                                  Model 07-77

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dons Shoes

We are Dons shoes. An elevated shoe maker. We are the only luxury elevator shoe brand on the web and guess what! we have just launched yesterday 09 09 09. We look forward to providing only the best!

Dons shoes

Monday, September 7, 2009


Available in the finestfull grain leather the Molise embodies all the aspects of a true Italian loafer. The stitching running from the heel to the toe area of the shoe and back again is born from the Italian principles of continuity and symmetry, with the buckle giving a necessary contrast to the rounded lines of this slip-on. Italian chic at an affordable price, style doesn't come any better. Italian chic at an affordable price? The Molise is right on the money.


don's shoes have arrived

After much blood,sweat and tears, promises made and promises broken, Don's are finally on the home-straight towards being able to offer the high quality footwear that we have aimed to do from the outset. It has been a lengthy wait, we know. But hey, if it ain't good enough to wear the Don's name, then it just ain't good enough for you to wear either.


height increasing Punjab Jalsa wedding shoes by Dons Footwear

 NEW STYLE ALERT AUG 2023 Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe for your Punjab Jalsa wedding? Do you want to impress your brid...