Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Top 10 Elevator shoes websites

Allan's Top 10 Elevator shoe websites

Would you like to know where to keep up with the latest elevator shoe trends? I've put together the best websites into this top ten quick list.

Don's makes all thier shoes by hand, The shoes are made to order so adjustments and custom orders can be requested. The best shoes on the web by far. Also has weekly deals and VIP for club for members.

2 Large selection of casual wear made in China

3 The longest running store on the web, Founded in 1998 only 2 years after the web exploded and has the best URL and mostly sells the most..

4 Not much else worth mentioning really as 90% of the shoes are all made from the 1 factory in China and shipped wholesale to the other brands/websites, so it pays to shop around as they are all the same shoes really.

To hell with the rest IMPOSE YOURSELF in DONS FOOTWEAR
                                                                  Model 07-77


  1. These have seriously saved my life:
    The company is based in Spain but they ship to the US and also available on amazon. AMAZING.

  2. The best elevator shoes in the world are only from the italian maison GUIDOMAGGI


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