Friday, September 2, 2016

The Don of Don's Footwear

A long overdue introduction....

Hello There.

I am Don, ( Allan Donnelly) I am the Owner of Don's Footwear. I don't tend to show my face much and so now here it is. I'm the shy reluctant front man of lol. Over the years I'm slowly learning to understand that its important to show my customers that there is indeed a story behind the brand. As you all know I create shoes that give men an added height boost, I'm very proud to help men improve their lives, and I'm also very satisfied at the quality that I produce at. These special/secret  elevator shoes that I create are my bread and butter but at the same time its very hard to talk about them or to promote such a shoe as we all know its supposed to be a secret. For many years I have had a yearning to create regular shoes and to be know as a good Bespoke Shoemaker and so that's why I made a small showroom in the MahaNakhon, From that location I only take orders for Bespoke non height increasing shoes for It helps to increase my skill set before I start my new venture in California. Yes that's right! For 2017 I have a plan to start-up a small shoe making studio in L.A or San Diego. Don's Footwear will soon be International.
I love the U.SA and soon I will be meeting clients on a regular basis from my new base. Follow me on twitter for further updates.

Always happy to keep it brief


Our Showroom is located in one of the world most Iconic buildings

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