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Best shoes for short guys that don’t hurt ft. Midsole tech

It seems like there’s always a price to pay for wanting an extra height boost. 

Bigger shoes? Painful insoles. “Off the rack” elevator shoes? Awkward and uncomfy gait change etc... 

But below we have the best shoes for short guys that ACTUALLY don’t hurt - thanks to Midsole technology, created by Don’s Footwear. 

List of best shoes for short guys 

These shoes below are also made for people who are on their feet all day - from business professionals to simply active individuals. 100% guarantee all-day comfiness, style, height, and secrecy - thanks to Don’s Footwear’s Midsole Technology

Check out our dedicated Midsole Tech shoe page right here. 

D.O.N. Issue III 

Shoe overview: The D.O.N. Issue III is a gorgeous modern boot that comes in 3 finishes, from matt to standard, and glossy.

Best for: Any any sort of night outing where you prefer to keep a lower profile in regards to your height alteration. 

How tall can it make you? 2.0 to 3.1 inches 

Minimalist Lowtop 

Shoe overview: The Minimalist LowTop is probably the only elevator shoe you’ll see out there with a design as low key and simplistic as this. 

Best for: Make no mistake, this little powerhouse is the “ace up your sleeve” for days spent around people who know you, as they’ll never know WHY you happen to look “different” that day - thanks to these sneaky shoes. 

Like we said, this design is low profile, along with a high “effective” rate. Best for casual outings. How tall can it make you? 2 - 3.1 inches. 

All shoes on this list have one thing no other brand in the world has - Midsole Technology

What is Midsole Technology and how can it help you IMMEDIATELY? 

The problem with most elevator shoes: Even the best elevator shoes have soles that cannot accommodate as much in terms of comfortability, as the height increase only extends down to the heel portion of the sole - which can get a little tiresome after a while for your feet. 

The solution: Midsole technology designed by Don’s Footwear is unique in that the insert has been engineered to allow for the height-increasing portion of the shoe to extend down to the midsole area of the foot (hence the name “midsole”.) 

How can it benefit you INSTANTLY: The fact that Midsole Tech by Dons Footwear extends to the midsole area of the foot means 2 things - 

1.) A more subtle heel increase all around = less noticeable elevator shoes as most will not be able to tell where the sole arch begins and ends, let alone that it is raising your heel, to begin with. 

2.) Insane comfortability due to a more natural flatter sole profile.

Elevator shoes containing Midsole Technology are designed for busy individuals who want height increase along with maximum comfortability WITHOUT ANY SACRIFICE. 

All shoes on this list are perfect for shorter guys who want a slight height boost and maximum comfortability. Check out how Midsole actually works right here. 

Or check out our video on Midsole Technology down below! 

Elevator shoes with MIDSOLE TECH from Elevator Shoes on Vimeo.

Vans II 

Shoe overview: A hybridization of rubber/leather soles encompassed by a sheening glow of leather and/or suede - and about as casual as you can get, without losing any style. 

Best for: Rocking with the younger crowd who deem casual streetwear over anything else, with a rogue twist for individuals who want a subtle height increase. 

How tall can it make you: 2 - 3.1 inches 

Check out our dedicated Midsole Tech shoe page right here!

MST Engineering Boot 

Shoe overview: The best boot for a multitude of situations that require the sturdiest of “foot armor” - you can’t go wrong with the MST Engineering Boot. 

Best for: This boot is perfect for rough-rounded individuals or those with a more active lifestyle needing a slight height boost, along with an insane comfortability factor. A steel toecap can be added upon request. This boot is designed to be comfier than regular boots, is tougher, and makes you taller! 

How tall can it make you: 2.0 - 3.1 inches 

Note: this boot is slightly heavier to the touch than our average boot due to the double leather layer under the heavy-duty, however once on the foot, it feels like a regular boot. 

MST Loafer II

Shoe overview: MST Loafer II created by Don’s is the updated version of a traditional Italian classic. A classic shoe versatile enough for any situation, business or otherwise. Best for: Business or business casual events, as the finishing comes in standard, glossy, and matt suede or leather - enabling you to be as versatile as possible. 

How tall can it make you: 2.0-3.1 inches 

Check out our dedicated Midsole Tech shoe page right here! 

MST Manchester

Shoe overview: A stylish look with a more “out there” design, combined with a double leather sole (for a sneaky extra height boost), meet the MST Manchester. 

Best for: Office attire, formal events, for professionals on their feet all day and who want the most comfort. 

How tall can it make you: 2.0-2.75 inches 

Remember all these shoes have patent-pending Midsole Technology meaning these are single-handedly the comfiest elevator shoes out there and ONLY ones with Midsole Tech! 

A BIG problem with most elevator shoes is the awkward position of the heel that makes you notice that your feet are slanted - like a man in heels! 

Midsole Technology fixes this problem for good! 

So good you’ll be able to run in your elevator shoes if you want! No can run in these - 

But ONLY in elevator shoes made with MIDSOLE TECHNOLOGY by Don’s Footwear.

Polgatoe Slender 

Shoe overview: The ultimate formal footwear for individuals who want a sleeker look, as this model has a no sole-edge - which overall makes the Polgatoe Slender sleeker-looking and narrow whilst making you look taller still. 

Best for: Busy individuals who long for a longer, more streamlined look, and who perhaps desire something less boxy and big. 

The Polgatoe Slender also comes in a longer toe box, ensuring more comfortability. How tall can it make you: 2.0-3.1 inches

MST Low-Cut B101 

Shoe overview: The MST Low-Cut B101 is the perfect footwear for guys eager to maintain a low profile with this low-cut square toe cap slip-on. 

Best for: Office environments, important interviews, and for straight cut hassle-free men who’d rather avoid too much attention. Go up to 3.1 inches in height and not notice a damn thing! 

How tall can it make you: 2.0 - 3.1 inches 

MST Terni 2

Shoe overview: The MST Terni 2 will be your go-to for only the most formal of events - like that of office occasions - when you dare to garner all the attention. 

Best for: Confident guys and men who want a little more “oomph.” 

Shy guys stay far away

How tall can it make you: 2.0 - 3.1 inches 

Do you want to actually be taller AND wear “regular” shoes while doing it?  

Midsole Technology by Don’s Footwear will help you... 

Be taller 

But most importantly… 

They will make you feel as though you’re wearing regular shoes...since you won’t be able to feel the height difference at all.

And because you won’t feel it, no one else will notice it either, which means Midsole Technology will be your best-kept secret. 

If you want to learn more about Midsole Technology and how it could help you become taller without risking any discomfort or public embarrassment, check out our info page right here. 

Or check out our entire dedicated Midsole shoe collection right here. 

End your pain, discomfort, and embarrassment, by getting literally every single thing you could ever want in a height-increasing shoe...with Midsole Technology. 

Check out our other in-depth article answering all your elevator shoe questions right here if you’re still unsure!

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