Friday, February 19, 2021

Our Elevator Shoe feedback and reviews from Jan 2020 to Feb 2021

I sometimes copy and paste the feedback that I get for the elevator shoes that we make onto Don's Footwear website. Its quite hidden away and I always make sure the comments are anonymous, so here is what customers have mentioned for the past year.

13th Feb
Thanks so much Alan—the last pair my fiancĂ© loved so much she demanded I get another pair :)
27th Jan 2021
Hi Don,
I am happy to share that the booths arrived Yesterday. My son Travis was elated. He said that the boots were a work of art.He loves them. We will be doing more business in the future. Thank you for the workmanship and the constant communication.

 25th Jan 2021
I realize this was YEARS ago and wanted to again thank you for glorious shoes. I love everything about them and still wear them regularly! 
5th Jan 2020
Hi. Is there a place I can leave a review for you? These are some of the best quality shoes I have ever owned. Thanks again, - Daniel
3rd Jan 2020,
I received the shoes and I must say! You have really out done yourself and the shoes are great!!! They are awesome!! I hope you make more different styles in this new sneaker athletic shoe line of yours. I love it and I may just order another for my work and make it with black rubber soles! 
I really like them! Thank you very much! 
1st of Jan
Dear Allan,
I want to thank you tremendously for the best pair of shoes I've ever had. Everything about them is remarkable and I look forward to coming back. 
26th Dec
those dress shoes where the middle is like styled thin and polished (forgive me for probably butchering the term) is the most elegant bottom I’ve ever seen on a shoe! I know you have fans of your work worldwide, consider me one of the newest and I plan on being a long term client of your shop! 

22nd Dec 2020
never change these boots! They are absolutly outstanding!Unique in the whole world!
18th Dec
My dear friend, good evening, I wanted to tell you that these are the best shoes I have bought in this genre. At first they do not look like elevator shoes do not look anything do you believe it ??? I wore them and they are so comfortable that I can wear them all day. Dude, in addition to being comfortable, they are also very beautiful .... I really think you get very little money for what you make. If I were rich I would really give you something more I was really happy ... I will order again very soon ... You really respect the money you get, happy holidays and see you soon
14th Dec
Shoes arrived. They are beautiful. Thanks!
1st Dec
This order was received, thank you

The quality and comfort of your shoes is very good, overall I am a happy customer.
14th Nov
Allan, the boots came and they are absolutely awesome.  Thanks so much!  These are the second pair you've made for me, I will definitely be back. 
25th Oct
 Last pair you made me are still doing me well. I wear them all the time and get compliments on them a lot. Super great job! 
21st Oct
Hi Allan, 
Just picked up my shoes and they’re perfect. Thank you so much for doing such awesome work.
Sincerely, Joe Napoli
10th Oct.
Hey Don, I bought two shoes from you, and I can’t lie, they’re the best shoes I’ve ever worn. Endless compliments, and just overall stellar.
30th Sept 2020
fantastic. I'm a big fan of the quality of the shoes. I quite like the stiff soles on the casual shoes.  just like my boss says "underpromise and overdeliver". which is how I feel when I open a Don's shoebox. Thank you very much.  
24th Sept 2020
Both the shoes and the belt look amazing. I want to thank you so very much for working so hard to get these ready for me to were to my daughters wedding on October 10th. I will make sure that I locate the review section of your website so that I can make sure I share my praise for you and your company with the world. Thank you again!
19th Sept 2020
You are amazing! I’ve dealt with Topout shoes, tallmans shoes, chapara (or whatever); all crooks and take advantage of short men. I do charity work and feel my confidence will bring more to helping the world be a better place. 
    I bought these shoes because of YOU. All the shoes most companies are not even flexible whatsoever at the bottom and it makes it very weird to walk. I’m eating a nice young lady on the 30th in Boston so I really thank you for helping me out. I really appreciate you Allan! Have a blessed weekend. 
9th Sept 2020
This pair is so great! I LOVE THEM. Thank you so much! How is the other one coming along? Thank you!
3rd Sept 2020
HOLY MOLY!!! DAM NICE BOOTS!!! I just got the D.O.N.S Issue 1. They are bad ass.  I had asked for a combo leather/rubber sole on the site option and got them in all rubber sole, but no worries.  I do like how well the rubber grips the floor for traction.  The feeling of the platforn of the agoe is flawless. It does NOT feel at all like an elevator shoe. Dam Allan, no words, you are just kicking ass my friend.  PROPS!!
27th Aug 2020
I wanted to update you it was my dad‘s birthday yesterday and I gave him the boots and he was actually speechless he could not believe the height and the comfort in comparison to what he has worn in the past honestly he did not know what to say. He wants me to thank you and tell you that you are a true artist.

The present could not have been better and I cannot thank you enough it really stole the night truly thank you so much.

24th Aug 2020
Hello Mr.Donnelly,
Thank you so much for these kolakis boots.  Best height increasing boots I’ve ever worn for a synchronicity of comfort, style & height increase.
- Jay
19th Aug 2020

Dear Allan,

Looks great. Btw, I received the three pairs yesterday and they look great. Thanks so much for your creations and superb craftsmanship.  Also, they are very comfortable too. Many thanks again.


Best regards,


18th AUG 2020
My shoes came in yesterday. They look great. I'll be ordering more soon.
Hey Allan, 
I just recieved the boots, they fit perfectly and are so damn comfortable I don't think I really need to take them off haha. 
I am very impressed with the quality of the leather. This and the style alone are worth every penny. In comparison to my old cowboy boots that I used with a cheap height increase insert for years, MST is a much more comfortable design. Walking feels natural, and that's all a good shoe/boot needs to do.
 The first of many future orders. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! 
17th AUG 2020
I hope you are doing well during this crazy Covid time my friend.  I think I am hitting a decade of being your customer.   I just placed an order for your D.O.N. issue 1.  I am also going to get the Minimalist lowtop and a few pairs to update my Don's collection in the coming months. 
 It is awesome that you decided to add this style type to your offering.  I have been hoping to see an offering exactly like this casual look for a while from Don's. Your shoes are TOP of the food chain. Everytime I wear shoes from your collection, and that is pretty much always, I get compliments.  The funny think is I actually had that style, the Minimalist, in mind for the past 6 months.  Anyway major props to you.  Stay safe and keep creating such art. 
15th AUG 2020
Hi Allan, 
Just to let you know that I received the boot's today. They are a perfect fit and very comfortable. My compliments on a GREAT job.
With kind regards 

Good afternoon from Montreal

 Order received

 Nice work again



Dear Allan, 

The shoes are so beautiful and comfortable. The craftsmanship is as exceptional as ever. Thank you ever so much, James
6th Aug 2020
As usual you did an amazing job on these!!! Thank you so much for your work!! Truly gifted.
(Yes I agree :) )
My sincere gratitude for your hard work and efforts in making me a happy Don's customer!
Wishing you safety, health, and strong continued business during this time!


15th July 2020
Hi Allan, 
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the boots. My son has worn them for a couple of weeks now and says that they are very comfortable. They look great and he has had many compliments on them.
27th June 2020
Hi Don,
Just received the shoes - they're amazing, the quality is remarkable given the relatively low price, and they came so prompt!
All the best - looking forward to ordering again soon,


21st May 2020
Allan, I just want to tell you how pleased I am with my new boots. They are exactly as I had envisioned and fit perfectly. Thank you for your good service and an excellent product.
All the best
16th May 2020

Hi Allan:

Quite a while back I ordered and then received my beautiful black boots with green side trim, have meant for a long time to say thanks for the great job.  Have gotten several compliments on them!


7th May 2020
The shoes are beautiful and fit perfectly
 thank you

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5th May 2020
Hi Don,
Got the shoes today!  Took them for a walk.  They look and feel great!  
This is my second pair from you; planning to order more down the road.  Thank you!
Hy Allan

I just got your shoes! They are again wonderful and fit perfectly ..

Next order for another pair for myself will come this week..


with very kind regards

27th April

Received shoes a few days ago ! SIMPLY , BEUTIFUL ! ! ! The fit was best I have ever had and I am 67 yrs old . At first I was abit Leary since it was all processed on line . But had confidence in you based on your website presentation . I am so pleased with your finished product , craftsmanship , promptness in completion , and de
livery . I can't thankyou enough . And definitely will be purchasing again and again .
22nd April.
Hello Allan!
I received my vegan MST Spencers about twenty minutes ago, and I am completely thrilled!  They look great, they fit like a glove, and they are extremely comfortable.  Please keep all of my measurement information available because I am certain I will be ordering more shoes from you in the very near future!  These really do fit my feet perfectly.  I am also amazed at how quickly you made the shoes and got them to me.
Brother, I am sincerely your biggest fan and admirer!
Thank you so much for these excellent, meticulously crafted shoes.  I truly will be getting all of my shoes from you in the future!
Stay safe and healthy, my friend!
15th April
I have just received my boots as shown above order number 202716
I cannot tell you how happy I am! 
These are absolutely beautiful 
Aesthetically genius as the height increase is in no way abnormal to the shape of the boot 
I am so grateful and am already looking at your website getting ready to order my next shoe
Thank you so much 
You are an artist 
Best wishes 
Shab Mowla


11th April 2020
i just received the shoes. They are fantastic! Quality and Style is superb! You make a excellent shoe . Thank you so much for the exchange, I am a happy customer! I will be buying more and telling my friends.
1st April 2020
Thanks Allan
My shoes are beautiful and very comfortable
and a really wow super quality.
Thanks for the laces vwry appreciate
Don't be surprised if I place another order because I want some black
27th March ( Covid Time)
Hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I received the boots as planned and i'm quite happy with them. Thank you very much!

Hi Allan

I just would like to tell you that the shoes arrived safely and the are very very very! Comfortable…

They are like slippers ..

Very good, quality and beautiful leather.. Perfectly made!


Thank you very much 


10th March
Hey Allan just recieved the shoes and they are perfect! Thank you so much and will for sure buy more in the future :)

I was excited to receive my first pair of shoes today. Thank you for your fast DHL shipping.
The shoes look great. So far, they feel great.
7th March
hi allen . just received the boots and im not just saying this but they are just beautiful . I mean I could instantly see the quality as I was un wraping them and was kind of shocked . they put the other shoes I bought to shame .I love the high shaft colour style everything and they fit perfect and feel very comfortable . can be worn casual or with a suit . if I don't get a woman in these they are all gay . that's the long and the short of it . I mean im sleeping in these . im putting these on the mantle piece so I can admire them all night . thanks as well for the exta lifts . I wasn't expecting that . customer for life . thank you . enjoy the weekend .


25th Feb 2020
Hi Allan,
I received the shoes today, Thank You!. They are made really well and speak highly of your craftsmanship.
The do feel wider but I’m sure I will get used to them.
2nd Feb

Hi Alan,
The shoes arrived just fine and they're the best height increasing footwear I've ever had.
I shall order another pair soon.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Looks great! It’ll be my 3rd pair of shoes from you and I love the other two! Very exciting
Austin S
17th Dec
Thank you I am definitely excited to see how the 4 inch height increase works with me. If it works out well I will be putting in a few more orders very soon! Thank you so much Allan talk soon.
Allen I can’t tell you how much I love these shoes đŸ‘ž I’m going to order the same order I want them exactly the same way black and fancy and shiney I love ❤️ your shoes đŸ‘ž I’m going buy from you always 

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5th Dec

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