Thursday, September 27, 2012

Workmen Boots & Military style Boots

New Workman boot inspired designs for the website. Hopefully they will be active on the website before the weekend. The design below has an Vegetable oil tanned leather across toe cap of the puff at the back. The height increase for these models are 3 inches.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The best elevator shoes on the web

Sometimes I make mistakes when matching the last/mold with the design, As you can see here the Narco looks a lot better on the new MST last. I think our customer is going to love it. The shape is a lot more elegant. We spend quite a lot of time with R&D that's how we hope to stay on the top and be know as the best in Elevator shoes, these days we get quite a few inquires from other websites hoping that we can supply to them. There is a chance you might see the Don shoe on other website's in the future. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reviews and comments about our elevator shoes

These Comments are from July 2012 and onward.

I received the BEPPE today. As expected, the shoe is beautiful and extremely well made. Thank you very much for accommodating my request for a quicker turn around for I can now use this beautiful shoe on my honeymoon trip :-). 

Thank you very much,

New double monk.
Hi Allan, 

I just received the shoes by way of post.  They are exceptional. 

Dear Allan,

The shoes arrived in time!  Thank you so much for your Herculean efforts.

I am very impressed with the quality of the shoes.  The width and instep fit just right. 

Hi Allan,

The shoes arrived. Nice job. They look and fit great!


Hey Allan, received the shoes this morning. Look and feel great. Thanks again

Hi Allan,

I'm looking forward to receiving my second pair of shoes.  My first pair
arrived last week and I love them.  The quality and craftsmanship are
exceptional and the shoes are just beautiful.  Thank you for doing such an
excellent job.

Best regards,

got the shoes today, they are fucking amazing. thanks :)
based on my research, your crafts and shoe productions are simply the best out there...
and congratulations on that.

Hello Allan,
I received my new shoes today and I love them.
Thank you Allan.

I think this will be one of the best shopping in my life. MST format was really impressive and the shoes felt as comfortable as non-heightening sneakers. Everybody is telling me it looks luxurious.

I'm gonna order another one soon.

hi, Allan. The final pair arried today. I am very pleased. They look amazing tomorrow i will wear them for sure.

Thanks again for the excellent quality! I think I may order another pair for an admissions interview at Oxford later this year. 

Dear Allan,

Thank you very much for the beautiful shoes delivered two days ago!

Best wishes and regards,



Just wanted to follow up with you.  I received the Todi and Agata shoes.  They are wonderful and fit perfectly.  Excellent work as always!

One word to describe the Colleta is simply beautiful.
Quality of the workmenship and leather is absolutely premium. I Plan to order another pair after I save the coin.


I just tried on the MST today, and I was incredibly impressed with the comfort and design! It's a great product. 
 the shoes are quite comfortable (even with the lift) and I love them already!


I received the Todi boots and they are very nice.  Great work as always.  Thank you.

Got them this morning.  Shipping took under 48 hours....very quick.  Look and feel great...just like a regular shoe.  Very pleased.  Thanks for a great experience.

Hi Allan,

Shoes arrived and they are absolutely "top notch". The quality is extremely good, very impressed. Expect an other order from me in the coming months.


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