Friday, December 28, 2012

Don's elevator shoes reviews

Here are a few nice comments of late about our shoes. We truley do try and make the best there is. The Don shoe is the only designer elevator shoe on the web.

Thanks for these amazing shoes and no worries about it taking so long I was just worried I was never going to get them. I will also be making a youtube review for them and also posting some pics on celeb heights soon. 

It has been over a year since I bought my first shoe from you and it has made a world of difference to my career, my sincerest thanks to you and I wish you and your family a wonderful festive season and new year.

look forward to hearing from you Allan.

The other shoes I got of you are fantastic, a year on they still look and feel brand new. Don't go anywhere, I'm going to be buying shoes off you for years and years to come! 

Hey Allan,

I got the shoes and they are amazing. Thank you so much! They are very comfortable and look great!


I received the shoes in time. They are just beautiful!

Thanks so much!.

Just one day after Xmas..but here they are,delivered by mail this morning..Thank you,they look wonderful and a dream to wear.
Happy Xmas and new year..Will come back soon for a few others pairs..Enjoy Thaïland lucky one!

God is great and you are a wonderful shoemaker..Nothing to do with the other brands I had problems with..

I got the shoes today. They're good! 

Happy holidays!



I got the boots and they look and feel great.  

Thanks Again  
Thank you for the shoes. They are beautifully made and I think they are satisfactory. Just neeed some walking in.

Received my shoes today and they look great! Thank you.


Shoes have finally arrived!

They fit like a glove and look great! Thanks Allan.

Gonna order another pair soon

All the best

Yes, they look very high quality, and very comfortable. Thank you.

     Received my shoes today. Thank you. These are everything that I had hoped for. The quality and fit is perfect.
It is with some apprehension when ordering from across the country of something that is so hard to fit in a store, let alone giving measurements that I was wondering how this would all work out but I could not be more pleased. It was well worth the money.
I assume you keep a file on your customers with the their sizes because this will not be the last pair I will order from you.
Thanks again and feel free to use this unsolicited note of gratitude to support a level of confidence to someone that may be considering a purchase from you.
P.S. Thank you too for the prompt responses and constant communication.

When almost all hope was run out, it arrived! And the they just fit perfect!

Thanks Allan! :)

Dear Allan,

Thank you so much for your incredible work on my shoes! You truly are a master of your craft. 

Even though it's summer here, I've been wearing my boots almost everyday since receiving them. Equally, my fiancé was thrilled with the other shoes, which I will be using for our wedding next month. 

Aside from me, who will most definitely order from you again, my dad was also very impressed and wants to order a pair of shoes from you as well. In fact, he would order a pair for my wedding, but he'd need those by June 10, which may be too short a time period.

A very satisfied customer,

Thanks so much! I have just received the shoes this morning! 
It looks perfect!

Thanks, my boots came today thank you ever so much they are amazing :)

That's ok you did an extremely great job on them, I will be buying more from you :) 

Hi Allan,

I got the samba tributes you made for me and I love them! They are so comfortable. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to start buying all of my shoes from you now!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elevator Boots

   Boots are always the most popular type of footwear for Height increasing shoes. The Fossato has been our top seller this year followed by the D'Etna.  The picture above shows the alterations we can do.

height increasing Punjab Jalsa wedding shoes by Dons Footwear

 NEW STYLE ALERT AUG 2023 Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe for your Punjab Jalsa wedding? Do you want to impress your brid...