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Sunday, May 24, 2009

New elevator shoe website

There has been a few delays with the production, but we just want to get things right for when the new elevator shoes website launches. The correct Styles must be selected the Shoes lifts/ platforms need to perfected and most importantly the Shape of the Last(mold) must the curves in all the right places, We aim to provide the best service to make our elevator shoe website the best place to shop!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New shoes last

We are creating a new sole for the classic last, The new shape and curve is currently being re-worked in the Research and development department by Mr Bakong!

Friday, May 15, 2009

elevator shoes promo

This is just a quick Promotional video of the old samples created in 2008

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

elevator shoes For New Yorkers

Don's Footwear 2009 offers the best collection of height-enhancing shoes you’ll ever see. When you know orthopedic footwear as well as we do, you can’t help but to share your the experience with others. Don's Footwear boasts over 20 years of shared shoe industry experience. Don's Footwear provides luxury with Italian quality, ideal for the discerning New York clientele who appreciate High-end brands.

Height increasing shoes L.A

L.A footwear stylist Marco Delli believes the Concept for height increasing shoes is a winner. Marco Has a very potent provider of High end footwear to a long list of A-list celebrities.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Richlee elevator shoes

The well Know company Richlee elevator shoes is now facing fierce competition from Don's Footwear. The market for elevator shoes is expanding and Don's hops to fill the top-end with Full grain leather handmade height increasing shoes for the discerning gentleman.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A list of high-end shoes websites

J. Amesbury bespoke shoemaker.



Altan Bottier


Artioli Japan


Aubercy Bespoke

Balint of Vienna

Barrett of Italy. Wonderful shoes

Stefano Bemer

Mischa Bergshoeff, one of the best bespoke bootmakers in the Netherlands


Berluti Japan

Riccardo Freccia Bestetti, an Italian artisanal shoemaker.

Stefabo Bi

van Bommel, a Dutch maker


Stefano Branchini

Stefano Branchini Japanese version, lots of pix

Carmina aka Albaladejo

Atelier Carré


Carmina with pictures.



John Cornforth , a British bespoke maker in N. Yorkshire

Il Corno blu, a Japanese cobbler


Corthay Japan

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones Paris

Anthony Delos Bottier, formerly of John Lobb Paris.

Don's high end elevator shoes

Dimitri Bottier, C&J Paris last & shoemaker's own site.

Heinrich Dinkelacker

Perry Ercolino, PA-based bespoke shoemaker with appointments accepted in NYC.

Ducker & Son of UK, now made by Grenson according RJMan.

Donegan of France. Nice shoes at reasonable prices.

Gaziano & Girling, Tony Gaziano is formerly of Edward Green bespoke. Catalog, courtesy of Centipede.

Gentry Complex, a Japanese maker.

Edward Green


Guild of Crafts, a Japanese seller and maker of super high end hand-crafted shoes. Retail $3000 to $4000.

Marc Guyot


Kiton Shoes, click on “production” then “shoes” for shoe making process and click on "lines" then "shoes" for pix of shoes.

Klemann Shoes, a German cobbler.

Koronya, Budapest bespoke maker and SF member MarcellHUN.

Silvano Lattanzi


John Lobb Paris

John Lobb St. James

The London Shoemaker

Alain Madec, a French maker.

Maftei of Vienna, RTW from €300, bespoke from €500.

Calzature Marini

Raymond Massaro, Paris bespoke maker.

Janne Melkersson, top Swedish custom shoemaker and also a fellow forum member. Extremely high quality bespoke and RTW shoes with attractive prices. He also offers shoemaking classes in a serene northern Swedish village.


Sutor Mantellassi

Georg Materna of Vienna

Eduard Meier

J. P. Myhre, also a fellow forum member.

New & Lingwood, also sells online.

Pape, a Parisian maker and retailer.

Peron & Peron, an Italian shoemaker.

Calzature Petrocchi

Ludwig Reiter, an Austrian shoemaker.

St. Crispins


Alfred Sargent

Paolo Scafora

Scheer of Vienna

Schnieder Boots, Royal warrant holder, supplier of equestrian boots to the Royal Household and makers of "Jack Boots" to the Queen's Life-guards and Blues & Royal’s

Gérard Sené

Stanislas Bottier

Koji Suzuki, a Japanese shoemaker, some of the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen.

Tanino Crisci

Tanino Crisci Japan

James Taylor & Son



Roberto Ugolini

Vass. 46-page Catalog in pdf format.

E. Vogel, a shoe and bootmaker (equestrian) in Little Italy/Chinatown.

J M Weston


Retail Sites

Alden of Carmel

Alden Shop of San Francisco

Armenak, a French retailer of JL, C&J and Santoni

Bennie's Shoes, Chris is a member of ours. Watchout for its upcoming Grenson Masterpiece sale!

Bodileys of Northampton, retailer of C&J and Sargent.

Bootsonline, an Aussie retailer specializes in boots and RH Williams products.

La Botte Chantilly, French retailer of C&J.

Edward Jones, a Japanese retailer, lots of EG & C&J pix. Currently EG is on sale.

Franco’s, our own Ron Rider

Kokon, A Japanese retailer, lots of pix of Japanese-made high end shoes.

Lifegear Trading Post, a Japanese retail of high-end shoes, lots of pix.

Loding, a French shoemaker, incredible price €130 for a pair of Goodyear welted shoes.

Old Vic, a Japanese retailer

Pediwear, a British retailer

Plal, a Malaysian retailer, C&J Handgrade prices can’t be beat.

Riflesso, a Tokyo clothier, check out Meccariello Shoes, absolutely beautiful.

Robert Old , for some rare C&J offerings.

Otsuka M-5, online shop for the Japanese maker.

Shipton & Heneage, selling rebadged C&J, Sargent, Yanko and others. Shipton & Heneage Paris, with some exotic designs.

Shoes International, a British retailer.

SW1 of Milan sells Italian-made British-inspired shoes.

UKism, a Japanese site for fine English clothing including C&J.

Upper, a French retail site. With C&J and Mantellassi.

Upper Shoes of Lyon, France carries Lobb, StefanoBi and Corthay.

Virtual Clothes Horse

Word Footwear Gallery, another Japanese retailer of the usual suspect JL, C&J, Santoni, Mantellassi and some more obscure brands.

The Shoemart of Norwalk, CT. The only known Alden seconds outlet in the world. Alden also produces some models exclusively for this store. The site doesn’t list any Alden seconds, you must visit or call the store to purchase Alden seconds. Additional 10% off during their semi-annual sale.

Skyvalet of D.C. carries Edward Green, Alden, Weston and Yanko. The site has many pictures of the shoes the store carries. It is currently clearing its Vass stocks at 20% off.

Bespoke shoes by Tony Gaziano (Edward Green)

Dimitri Gomez (Crockett & Jones Paris)

Bennie's Shoes (retailer)

La Botte Chantilly (retailer, lots of C&J)




http://www.tallshoes4men.com elevator shoes



Friday, May 8, 2009

height increasing footwear

We want to make this height increasing footwear blog the most helpful, productive blog of its kind. If you have an idea how we can improve our Blog please tell us.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best elevator shoes

The Best elevator shoes must be worn every other day in order to let the leather rest. after each use place shoe trees in the shoe to prevent creases and to retain the original shape! Its recommended to wear new shoes for a few hours for the first few day!


While it may be hard for some of you to believe that spring has sprung – especially those in the Midwest and Northeast, according to the calendar it has and that means it’s time to do a little “spring cleaning.” Do you have some slightly worn shoes that you’re not going to wear anymore? How about all those styles from last year that your not going to wear again this year? If you answered yes to either question listen up!

Dons Footwear is on its way!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

elevator shoes L.A

Our range of shoes are unique in the market place as they are handmade from real leather, are extremely comfortable with a very natural feel. Don's are the real deal in elevator shoes for men - accept no derivatives or cheaper alternatives as quality materials and quality workmanship guarantee a quality product.
This is the principle which we stand by.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Elevator shoes for men

We are currently offering lifetime membership of the Don's organisation for any purchase made in 2009. This presents a unique and straightforward opportunity to become part of the family, yet can also provide all our members with fantastic deals on great quality products.
If you buy a single pair of elevator shoes in 2009 you will automatically attain 'Affiliated' status within the Don's organization, entitling you to an extra 10% discount on any future purchase from TS4M and also emailed updates on any new product lines and special offers. However, every customer who makes a repeat purchase will then have their status upgraded to 'Made Man', which gives a 15 % discount on any future purchase from the TS4M site, yet also provides access to associated family retailers where the Made Man can expect great deals on silk shits, silk ties, socks and suits to complete and tailor their own unique Don's look.
We expect a lot of Made Men this year as we're sure that anyone who buys a pair of Don's won't be able to resist buying another, and anyone with two pairs of Don's in their wardrobe will always be walking tall in every aspect of their lives. A Made Man in every respect.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Elevator shoes - blog update

We have now over viewing our range of shoes which is confirmed for production. Currently we have eighteen different styles of elevator shoes, and later a further twenty different styles of normal men's shoes available in cowboy tan, Black, dark brown, and mahogany finishes. These examples will soon be sent to the studio of our photographer who is making detailed pictures of them for use in our upcoming catalogue, and, of course, to be viewed on our established website. With a choice of 25+ developed styles, we believe there is something there for everyone.
Enjoy viewing our array of quality merchandise.

elevator shoes L.A , London and New York

height increasing Punjab Jalsa wedding shoes by Dons Footwear

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