Monday, May 4, 2009

Elevator shoes for men

We are currently offering lifetime membership of the Don's organisation for any purchase made in 2009. This presents a unique and straightforward opportunity to become part of the family, yet can also provide all our members with fantastic deals on great quality products.
If you buy a single pair of elevator shoes in 2009 you will automatically attain 'Affiliated' status within the Don's organization, entitling you to an extra 10% discount on any future purchase from TS4M and also emailed updates on any new product lines and special offers. However, every customer who makes a repeat purchase will then have their status upgraded to 'Made Man', which gives a 15 % discount on any future purchase from the TS4M site, yet also provides access to associated family retailers where the Made Man can expect great deals on silk shits, silk ties, socks and suits to complete and tailor their own unique Don's look.
We expect a lot of Made Men this year as we're sure that anyone who buys a pair of Don's won't be able to resist buying another, and anyone with two pairs of Don's in their wardrobe will always be walking tall in every aspect of their lives. A Made Man in every respect.

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