Thursday, June 12, 2014

Elevator shoes On Sale

If you looking for fantastic deals on Height increasing shoes then. Its Its a good idea to download Don's Footwear App to your mobile as they have exclusive deals within the app. Download Apple here: Android Here 

The majority of the shoes on sale are $150 and are exclusive to the app only.

And here is a few images of whats on offer: All shoes are 150USD









Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Top 25 best selling Elevator shoes.

Here is a list of the top selling styles from the Don website since October 2012. Click the name to be taken to the product page. I must say some styles have been on the website longer than others. Enjoy!
  1. D'Etna 
  2. Fossato 
  3. MST Spenser 
  4. MST Classic 513 
  5. Vercelli 
  6. The Lotus 
  7. MST Falcone 
  8. MST Loafer 001 
  9. OX-51 
  10. Sassari 
  11. Di Vico 
  12. Mst Polgato 
  13. MST Beach 515  
  14. MST Ernest 
  15. MST Loafer 002 
  16. MST Potenza 2 
  17. MST Classic 511 
  18. Bergamo 
  19. Polgato 3 
  20. Modern Penny 
  21. MST OX B513-2 
  22. Nerone 
  23. MST Wingtip  
  24. MST Royston 
  25. Beppe 
  26. Finished!

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