Tuesday, April 2, 2019

World Championship in Shoemaking 2019

I regretted not creating an entry for the shoemaking championships last year. I managed to read up about the competition in plenty of time but decided not to proceed, I then went through the feeling of disappointment of missing out. In 2018 there were 45 shoemakers that registered for the competition and 30 black oxfords entrants arrived with 5 more being late. During the event, the top 10 shoes were announced and the top three received a cash prize and then toured the world of high-end shoe shops and tailoring stores.
Our Competitor

So, This year the call was to make a brown wingtip oxford with a full leather sole. We started in January by creating a new last for the event then in Febuary we started the actual shoemaking by used Barker'srs outsole and creating a heel block and welt from barkers leathers. For the upper we used a semi-aniline leather from AACRACKIN from England and we then source our own British racing green linings locally. We made our own Shoe last and Shoe tree in-house, when the shoe was completed we asked Vulture shoeshine to give the toecap and sides a military grade polish.

The event was held on the 22nd of March, The judging was completed the day before by a jury of 10 All respected professionals in the Shoe industry. Bloggers, shoemakers, writers and business owners and last years winner

This year the Winning shoe was a concept shoe from Danel Wegan, Danel came in 2ndplacee last year so he has achieved his dream. As for us.. Well,l we came in 34th position. Our target was to be in the top 20. Hopefully, we will achieve that next time around.

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