Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New wingtip boot & burnished double monk shoe

Over the next 6 weeks I hope to introduce 1 new style per week. Below is a wingtip boot, the other is the 1 model in the OX range, A burnished double monk shoe

Monday, May 28, 2012

Double monk elevator shoe.

                                               A first look at our new ox elevator shoe series.
                       In the next blog post I will show the components that are inside our elevator shoe
                                    The OX made in Nuback tan (with Creams and buffing applied)

                                                                              Two tone toecap
Before finishing

Monday, May 14, 2012

New styles for May/June 2012

I hope to get these 2 new styles on the website within the next week. They are made in our new Midsole tech shoe last. Midsole tech is a new concept elevator shoe, The heel is 20mm then the rest is hidden inside with no slope what so ever. The raise can go up to 2.5 inches, Our Midsole Tech is the most comfortable height increasing shoe on the market.

Midsole Elegent 1A

Here we see the Midsole Elegent 1 A made in dark brown leather. The heel size on the Midsole tech shoes are all 20mm witch is slighly smaller then your average heel on a elevator shoe. The shoe is still unfinished in this picture
                                                                     Midsole Elegent 1A

Friday, May 11, 2012

Custom shoes for leg length discrepancy

Ive finally taken some pictures of the custom shoes for leg length discrepancy that I sometimes make. The details are as follows: The Right Shoe is in Matt with the Welt and edge/rand unfinished and give the wearer a extra 1.5 inches inside. The left shoe, the one that has been buffed, brushed and polished and has a glossier finish is a standard shoe with a 1 inch heel.

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