Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elevator shoes website Reviews

High quality elevator shoes are hard to come by. Thats why I decided to made this short list of websites that provide elevator shoes for both men and women.

Don's Handmade with full grain leather some of the best elevator shoes

Richlee made in China, I purchase some myself, synthetic leather

walktall Purchased the rodeo model about 5 years ago, quite a boring shape I didn't smile when I opened the box, also the insert fits lose inside the shoe

Constep Purchased 2 pairs 4 years ago to receive the free shipping, I was happy with 1 pair however the other pair looked terrible and felt very uncomfortable and so I never wore them again. based in Hong Kong so I had to pay extra tax on arrival.

Jel Received the catalog for their selection of elevator shoes, From my experience in working in the shoe industry I can tell that they are over priced! also made in India

After many years of searching for the quality elevator shoes I deiced to make my own. After I discovering a high quality shoe manufacture at a shoe trade fair. I asked if they would be interested in creating a height increasing shoes that not yet available on the market. A comfortable, pain free full grain leather shoe

My name is Allan Donnelly, I am the owner of Dons elevator shoes

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