Sunday, June 7, 2009

The best of Todays elevator shoes

The best of Today's elevator shoes

The difference between an anonymous pair of shoes and a high end hand crafted creation consists of a strap of sort hide carefully worked 2.5 mil thick and 1.5 mil large characterized by small regular notches to correspond so many seam stitches. A suitable and flexible strap called welt, sore a delicacy, the patience necessary to hand sew the particular component. Skill and accuracy are the same as those of a gold smithy, whose hands are often more older than others, they are more experienced, the move as if they were in strict contact with heart, with the emotional rhythms of an ancient passion. They pull the awl to hole the hide and the welt while the hemp thread glides over thanks to the wax with which it is covered. Hands that move continuously and with no hurry. it takes time for each shoe to reach the stage of utmost accuracy. This is the work of Dons elevator shoes, In the world of fashion Don's footwear dress the feet of high clientele, they are demanding and aware about the value of the shoe. Famous and rich faces turn to don's. Footwear is our life, if a client wishes his name inscribed on the shoe, or another that wants a different signature then Don's footwear will provide.

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