Friday, January 30, 2015

Ladies shoes that I have made

Happy New Year. Ive not made many blog posts these past few weeks (could well be months) I've been busy doing my real job MAKING SHOES. To be honest I dont know how some others get by, They like to write up, tweet, travel, party, and post many pictures to show thier brand but how many hours do they acutally put in to making the shoes,keeping up with QC, and collecting the materialsa all at the same time. I reckon most of the small brands are really just marketing men/women. The polar opposite is for me, I need to graft everyday making the shoes and supporting my 3 assistants.. No worries I will train one to start taking and uploading pictures of me soon. Haha. Below is a few of the lady shoe samples that I made last year, If any women are after elevator shoes, I guess I can do. Just give me a shout.


  1. Hey, usually I read all your blog posts. You are one of my favourite shoe designers. All these shoes you have designed recently are just wonderful. I liked first pair the most. I would love to purchase this pair!

  2. Your men's dress shoes are absolutely fantastic and fit/feel like regular shoes. Thank you Al!!!

  3. I agree that you should invest in a bunch of wholesale shoes for men. However there is something that disturbs me with all of them : the front (the toe) of the shoes never touchs the ground.

    1. Its the angle of the camera that is all. All shoes have some sort of sprint at the toes.

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