Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Shoe Snob Blog


I hope you have all been well in 2022. It's been a while since Ive made my last blog post, As you all know I started this blog is 2008 as a way to get by while waiting for my first order of shoes to be created. Back in those days, I expected another factory to make my shoes for me, little did I know I would quickly come to own my own shoemaking factory. 

Around that time 2008, I started to follow a blog called the Shoe Snob blog and have always dreamed that one day I would get a mention by Justin Fitzpatrick the owner and winter. Over the years his authority and influence on the shoe industry have grown and grown, and now he is regarded as the best source of quality footwear content. That's why I am so proud and happy to be finally featured on his website and social media channels.

The best part for me is that we both started out at the same time and so it's always been interesting to follow another man's journey in the same field. Here is a link to his review

The Shoe Snob Blog

Thank you to all that have followed me over the years. And thank you once again to Justin Fitzpatrick.


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