Our new Foot scanner

 I would like to introduce you to the world of Bespoke shoemaking through Don’s Footwear, where cutting edge foot scanning technology meets traditional methods of craftsmanship resulting in uniquely desirable and eminently comfortable shoes. Our shoes are constructed with elegant outsoles, that's what makes us stand out, Afterall, when selecting shoes we always when to know how well they are constructed, So, if you have some free time, come along and get your foot scanned and create exotic handmade shoes for you or your friends or family.

As many folks know on the online world we tend to only sell elevator shoes but offline it gives us the chance to meet clients, therefore, we can measure the foot, and measure it accurately with new technology that we are now using. We have been measuring the traditional way these past 5 years but now we use a rather large modern foot scanner. Do elevator shoes really work with our foot scanner? Well, Not yet. Its best just to test from stock if you wish to find the perfect size, We have a selection of stock to test fit from.

My name is Allan Donnelly,  I am a woeful writer, but I need to pump out something to stay relevant. 

If you wish to get your foot scanned and have a modern pair of bespoke shoes just let me know via the website and I will sort you out.

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  1. Beautiful. I'd like to see some pics of the foot scanner you are now using


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