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2 years of Reviews


I am Allan Donnelly, I am the owner of Don's Footwear, I operate and run a shoe factory of 10 Shoe Makers, My main job in the factory is to design and cut patterns for new styles and work planning,  these past 2 years I have also been shoe lasts.  My Team is my wife and her assistant then we have 3 Upper makers ( Clickers), 5 lasting men and one talented finishing man that applied the creams and burnishes the shoes. We are one of the very few shoemakers in the world that still make Hand-Welted shoes. Its a very slow process.  We also make full bespoke from time to time. Online we are in our element as we are the world best at Height increasing shoes, known in the U.S.A as elevator shoes.

 Below you will see all our reviews from the last 2 years. I often gather these reviews and post to a page deep within the Don website but from time to time I like to share on the blog also.


7th Jan 209

Dear Allen
I received my shoes today and what an amazing job did you do. Beautiful shoes!! Thank you so much. 
Hope you are doing great. I don't know if you remember me, I have ordered couple hand made customized boots from you 7 years ago and I'm still using them. Amazing quality!!
I love how is it cushioned and how it feels on the inside. You an artist and an amazing master. 
4th Jan 2019
Got the shoes yesterday. I love the finish and fit . Mid sole tech makes it so comfortable to wear them. Thanks for making them and shipping them to India. They will perfectly compliment my outfit for the wedding.
Thanks again
1st Jan 2019
I have just taken the package from the customs.
First impression - even better then the original pic from the web!
Happy and successful new year for you and your family!
31st Dec
Hi Allan/Don,
I have received my shoes. They look great. Thank you very much. I would like order one more pair 
29th Dec
I have received the boots, they are awesome! Really love what you offer this was my first order from Dons and you've made a permanent customer.  I'll be ordering again soon, 
28th Dec 
I picked up my shoes this morning. They are absolutely beautiful. The fit is so comfortable and perfect, that I don’t want to take them off.
Thank you.

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14th Dec
Hi Don:
My son really likes the boots. 
Thanks for making such beautiful shoes,
13th Dec 1028
 I have now received the shoes and they both look and fit perfect :) 
10th of Dec
Haha I’m already buying a new pair!! Unbelievably good. I’ve been wearing them for a while now and they are standing up really well to daily use. I’m excited for the next ones to come in. Quite taking all my paycheck ;)
Sincerest thanks... again. 
You do beautiful work, Don. I'm so very happy to have found you.
I will be placing future orders without a doubt. 
9th Dec 2018
I have had your shoes for some time with almost daily wear inside and out of the office. I have been 100% satisfied with the quality and comfort of these shoes They are fantastic. As time has passed, the heel and sole have started to wear. Do you or your factory do repairs/resoling? I would prefer to take my shoe to the original manufacturer for repairs

Dec 5th
They are a Christmas present for my son. He absolutely loved the pair you made for him a few years ago. 
30th Nov
Hi Allan, just wanted to write you to say that I absolutely love the shoes, they are essentially perfect.
25th Nov
Thanks Allan , shoes arrived. They look great too..

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25th Nov
Thanks Allan,
I picked them up, excellent quality as always!
Thank you.
21st Nov
I just recieved my order. This shoe is a masterpiece. Very well done
I'll be honest, I had my doubts dropping $300 but I am very satisfied. The craftsmanship is second to none
I wish the best for your business.
13th Nov
You the best Allan! Appreciate all the hard work and confidence your shoes have given me. I have 4 MST pairs and swear by them!
11th of Noveber ( 100 Years Since the end of the 1st World War)
Hi Allan,
Just a quick note to let you know that the dressy pair of shoes you made fit perfectly and I’ve worn them almost every day since I received them! 
28th Oct
Hi Allan,
Just a note to say thank you for making me such a fantastic pair of boots for my cousin's wedding last weekend.  I received many compliments and let them know where they were made.  My wife and I had a really fun time and the boots felt totally awesome.  Thanks again for everything, I've decided that you are the only one I will be ordering my boots from, they are indeed the best.  I look forward to one day meeting you at a trunk show the next time you come to California.  Good luck with your upcoming travels .. wishing you all the best!
25th OCt
Allan, these are absolutely beautiful shoes.
I’m totally impressed.

Thank you

23rd OCT

Hi Allan,

I received my grey and white Ralph shoes today.  They are amazing.  The fit is wonderful and they are comfortable.  Definitely a shoe to be worn without socks and with shorts.  The height is so concealed there is no way anyone could ever tell you are taller.  I just love them.   You are a master.   
11th Sep 2018
Good evening, I received the shoes, they are perfect beaut
10th Sept
Hello Don
The shoes are just fabulous :)
Realy thank you
27th Aug

Hi Allan,

My spencer arrived yesterday.  Absolutely amazing.  Love them.  Wore them all day so comfortable.  
22nd Aug
great thank you so much! you're the best! my four pairs of boots i bought from you i get complimented on them everyday:)
21st Aug
What a wonderful surprise.  My beach loafers arrived !  I didn’t realize that you had sent them so it made my day.  
They are so much nicer than the picture.  You truly are a master of your trade.  They fit perfectly and are so comfortable.  
I really appreciate you !
Thank you.  

18th Aug
Hi Allan are gorgeous....thank you very much!!!!!!
13th Aug
The BEPPE specifically that I bought from you has gotten a ton of compliments the first time I wore them to the office! I wish we can leave reviews!
13th Aug
I've bought two shoes from you and I've loved both of them. I have gotten many compliments on them too! I am definitely going to be a regular customer. I am actually already eyeing a bunch of other shoes that I plan on buying down the road.
 10th Aug 2018
My shoes arrived !
You really are a true genius.  They fit well and are so comfortable.   
Such a good looking shoe.   I appreciate your workmanship.   
I am going to order my 4th pair now.   
4th Aug 2018
Received shoes. They are beautiful.
Thank you
17th July
Thank you Allan. My 4th pair!! I'm ready to order #5 :)
As always, I appreciate your work!

I just received my blue shoes. I am very happy with it and it the best shoes i have bought. Good job and well done. Its very light and pointy toe and 5 inch height are best combination ever and quality is super !!!!!
9th of July 2018
Hello Don,

I received my order yesterday and I am very satisfied and happy with the work you have done .. I hope to see you in your NY trunk Show this July  and order some more shoes.   Thank you very much
7th of July
Thank you for the excellent job done on order 310786.
I am very impressed and will be ordering my fourth pair in a few weeks
Thank you so much Allan, you're the best shoemaker I know of and I wouldn't shop anywhere else - Sean
3rd of July
Thanks so much Don! The shoes are fantastic. Amazing quality, perfect fit.
26th June 2018
   Dear Don, I have been wearing my new shoes for over a month and I am a very satisfied customer.  Thank you and those who work for you.
   Best regards
7th June 2018
Hi Allan, 
I got my shoes yesterday, I love it! thank you for the fine work.
6th June 2018
Dear Allan 
You my good man are LEGEND !!!!!
The shoes just arrived mate !!!!!
There fuckin gorgeous mate 
Bloody fit perfectly 
Any the midsole feels damn near flat 
As you can tell I’m well chuffed 
I’ll never buy another pair of shoes anywhere else again lol
6th June 2018
I received three pair of shoes today in one box.  They fit perfect, look great, an I am extremely satisfied. I ordered five pair of shoes. I assume the other shoes will arrive in the following weeks. No rush
4th June 2018
Thks Allan, just to confirm the shoes arrived Friday J
Thank you so much I absolutely love them, they look and fit fantastic!
I look forward to ordering some more shoes/trainers in the near future.
Thks v.much  !
1st June 2018
So best of news Allan
Shoes arrived while I was at work today, and I have to say I seriously impressed. 
These shoes are everything I was hoping for and then some. 
Very comfortable even right from first putting them on, and once they are broken in I’m sure they will be even better. 
Thank you again for all your help and time on these. 
And I do look forward to ordering another pair from you in the near future. 

31st MAY 2018
I have a problem, I cannot take your shoes off! 😆
I have own gucci and valentino boots and I probably will never wear them again.
Thanks again, these boots are amazing

24th May 2018
Hey, I just received my new shoes and I love them - you do great work!! 
 I can’t tell you how many compliments I get when I wear your shoes. Particularly the short boot 
23rd May
The shoes are great!!!

19th May
Hello Allan
I got the shoes.
they are wonderful!
you are a genies
thank you very much
Hi Don-
Thank you so much for expediting my last order to arrive in time for a function I had last week. It went very well, and my elevator Wall Streets helped! I've placed another order for Ralph Lauren Tribute 
16th May
I just received the shoes and I'm so happy they are perfect I don't even feel like they are elevator shoes they feel like normal shoes thanks for the great job I'll be ordering more soon will let you know thanks loved them...
14th May 
Hi Don,
the  shoes are arrived and are beautifull. 
9th May
The shoes are amazing!! They fit well and are made incredibly! Thank you so much!! You are a great shoe maker!!!
5th of May 2018
No problem. Thank you, Don! I hear you’re a great shoe maker. I look forward to wearing them!
27th April
Don love your excellent hulk boots ill be buying another pair soon. the best pair of shoes ever.
Thank you so much. The shoes are very nice. My husband has worn elevator shoes all his life and the quality has gone down so that we decided to try yours. even though they are more expensive and we were taking a chance on the sizing. Much appreciated.
24th April
Got my shoes, fit perfectly! Thank you ,
21st April
Good day Allen,
I received my boots on Monday and today is the first chance I've had to weak them out. They are fantastic!! 
They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. Plus I can't believe how many complements I've gotten on them... some complements from complete strangers.
I am very pleased with the boots and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.
This is the first pair I've ordered from you but definitely not the last.
Beyond thankful,

16th April
By the way, you have earned a loyal customer. I will go to you for all of my shoes before looking elsewhere. The quality is amazing and the height increase works well in the professional environment!!
13th April
 I just wanted to inform you that my shoes have arrived. I also wanted to say that I am more than satisfied with the shoes you made! The quality of your work and attention to detail is outstanding! You are truly a master at what you do and hope you that you continue making shoes for many years to come! I look forward to ordering more shoes from you in the future!
8th April 2018
Hey Don,
After wearing the shoes out in the world I could not be happier! The popping sound completely stopped. I'd like to purchase another pair or two. Would you be able to provide me with a discount code again? Thanks!
7th April 2018
I received  shoes this morning .
Everything is fine
I will buy new ones in the near future.
31st of March
Hi Allan

No worries. I received the shoes today.
Very nice and especially comfortable. They are exactly like I wanted them !
Thanks to pay attention to my wishes.
Kindest regards,
29th March
I just wanted to say that I received the Botticellis shoes and they are magnificent. I'm going to wear them proudly to my event this weekend. I will definitely be looking to purchase more when I get back
26th Match 2018

I ordered a pair of Munoz boots from you back in December.  They arrived, fit really well, and I have greatly enjoyed them - very nice work.
23rd March 2018
Yeah, they are beautiful shoes... well done my friend. I look forward to receiving those American Football 01s. You have quite the talent.
19th March 2018
I received 2 of the shoes - they are terrific. Thank you very much
1st MArch 2018Allan:  Received my boots. Perfect. Thanks for all your service.
20th Feb
Hi Allan,
I've absolutely loved the Winnepeg Winters. They've stood up well in rain, sleet, and snow! The Mayfairers are also amazing. A huge design improvement over some of the other formal shoes I've bought. Bravo!
20th Feb
I got the shoes today and they are very beautiful and design, and most importantly of all they are very comfortable to wear. 
8th Feb
Hey Don hope all is good in the new year. My shoes are holding up great. Everytime I wear them I get compliments. Every single time! I plan to order the exact pair again but in all black. I'll be doing it through your site soon.
Thanks again for your hard work & attention to detail. 
8th Feb
Allan:  Perfect. Thank you so much for your excellent workmanship and service. I remain a long an continuing customer.
7th Feb
Hey thanks Allan. I have received the shipment and the shoes are amazing! Thank-you for the great service.

2nd Feb
Hey Allan
I wear my shoes now for two days, and they are awesome!
The look is great and the comfort is very high.
Thank you for your work!
Best regards

24th Jan
Loving my new Don's shoes
I missed you when u came to London.
Any further trips plans?
Keep me up with any sales u have
23rd Jan
Hi, I received the shoes today. They're excellent quality. I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks. :)

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21st Jan 2018
Thank you for the wonderful shoes. You're such an amazing shoemaker. If I decided to buy the 2nd pair of shoes, 
17th Jan 2018
Thanks Allan! I received my shoes today! They are great! Thanks for an excellent job!

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16th Jan 2018
Hey Don! 
I received the shoes! Thx a lot what an amazing piece! Keep up the good work! 
I will soon be reordering one ! 
6th Jan 2018
Happy New Year. 
I got the last pair of shoes. Again lovely craftsmanship!
I have just ordered a new pair for work
31st Dec 2017
Thank you, they made it just in time!! Gotten many compliments!   Can’t wait to get the other pair. Thanks again and happy new year. Planning on buying a few more soon 
15th Nov 2017 
Dear Don, 
Regardless of the delay, as i already sent you, the shoes are just amazing. 
Now i have a bunch of people who might be ordering through me your shoes soon 
As for now, i hope this order won't time like my first order. 
28th Nov 2017
Got the shoes a few days ago, love them! Absolutely beautiful and will order again in the future. Thanks.
14th Nov 2017
I received my shoes and WOW!!! The fit was spot on. The Midsole was loose and clicked for a while, then stopped after I walked around in them a while. The lift was nice and even , it felt natural when walking around. Thank you for creating a great shoe company, with quality and customer service.
8th Nov 2017
Good Evening
I received the order and love the shoes! The blue ones are absolutely epic and have received numerous compliments at work. 
5th Nov 2017 
Hello Alan,
I just received the boots...and I wanted to write you immediately. These are the most beautifully crafted, comfortable boots I have ever worn in my life. 
Not only have they raised my height without the horrible, unbearable arched heal that comes with every other height increasing boot/insole I’ve ever bought, but they are also stunningly beautiful. 
I will be placing MULTIPLE orders, and will probably never buy a pair of shoes or boots from anywhere else, ever again. 
You have changed the way I walk. Thank you 
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JUst got my boots don they are perfection thanks alot mate
(28th of Oct 2017)
You crafted for me an absolutely handsome pair of shoes, beautiful. The leather is just the right texture with it's own character and with the reddish hue - wow.  Soles are excellent providing some give and the MST is an engineering marvel. 
(28th Oct 2017)
Hi Alan 
I have just received my boots as shown above order number 202716
I cannot tell you how happy I am! 
These are absolutely beautiful 
Aesthetically genius as the height increase is in no way abnormal to the shape of the boot 
I am so grateful and am already looking at your website getting ready to order my next shoe
Thank you so much 
You are an artist 
Best wishes 

I just got these in today. Amazing work, I love them. Great fit and look! Love the Don's shoes!

(21st Oct 2017)
Dear Allan,
You’re a genius. Thank you so much for such perfect shoes 👞. Literally couldn’t walk properly without you. Your craftsmanship, everything, is simply stunning.
Eternally grateful 😊
(12th Oct)
I received my Bergamo elevator shoes yesterday and I must say...I am a satisfied customer. I won't took a while to get here and I was a little nervous, but it was worth the wait. Like my grandma always told me anything worth doing is worth doing well and I believe these shoes were well done.

(7th Oct 2017)
I got my shoes and it is really nice.
I like a lot. It has very high quality.
Thanks! I will order another one soon 

(2nd Oct 2017)
Good Morning Allan,
I received my shoes yesterday and they are wonderful! They are very well made and very comfortable I love them!
Again, I am very impressed with the quality of your  shoes! So happy to have found your website and I look forward to your reply so I can order more.
(25th Sept 2017)
Got my shoes and i just wanted to let you know they are OUTSTANDING and i love them. You can be assured i will defiantly be ordering from you again. Again Bravo!
(5th Sept 2017)
Shoes arrived---many thanks!  They look good, but take a bit of getting used to in terms of wearing them..They should fill the bill nicely though.
Thanks again--

(3rd f September)
Thank you Allan. You make incredible shoes. My mcviker midsole are incredibly comfortable. Look forward to buying more in the future.

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(27th Aug 2017)
Hey Allan,
I just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived today.
Thank you for your wonderful work - they're great.
God bless you!!
(17th Aug 2017)
Hi Allan,
    Just wanted to say I got the shoes and they're amazing.  Thanks again.  I'll be ordering again very soon.  

(16th of Aug 2017)
Good morning Allan,

Just received the shoes. Wow!!! they are great. Beautiful job and the fit are right on. Many, many thanks.
You are the man as we say in Canada. It’s a pleasure dealing with you.

Have a great day and do take care, we will be dealing again real soon.
(14th Aug 2017)
Dear Don, 
I have just received my shoes today, and I want to thank you for the amazing work, I LOVED it! Amazing quality, superb finishing and craftsmanship, and it is exactly what I was after. It is very rare nowadays to have a product with such a high quality, reminds me of the days when shoes were made to last for a decade! I look forward to buying more and more in the near future! 
(8th August 2017)
Hi Allan

These two turned up today, thanks for that.

Both are perfect, even better than the previous pair.

Thanks for your fabulous work,

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(8th August 2017)
The boots are amazing. Thank you for doing such a quality job and getting them to me in a timely fashion. You're truly great at what you do. If I ever want another pair I'll be sure to order from you again.
Thanks again,
(31st of July)

I got the shoes I ordered.  I can't thank you enough, the look, the quality, and how you listened to my comments about creating extra space for my orthotics.  Also you added a few tricks to make sure the heel blended in with the rest of the shoes to make it less obvious.

It's really great that there are people like you that help people like this.  I'm definitely ordering another pair as soon as I get my next paycheck.

Thank you so much
(26th July 2017)
It s delivered sooner then I thought ! The shoes are great, thanks again
(22nd July 2017)
I got my first set of shoes... I love them! 
(19th of July 2017)
Amazing Allen. You need to do a Philadelphia show! 
Shoes are out of this world.
(17th July) 
Hey Allan,
I received my shoes today - they're awesome!!
I hope to order some more very soon. I now need a pair of dress shoes for church.
Thanks again, and God bless.
(14th of July 2017)
Hey Don. Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the boots in order ***** They are gorgeous and I received loads of compliments from family members over the weekend. I'm a 5ft 8' guy, so a lift of 2 inches makes a massive difference - from feeling a bit short, to a bit tall! And so discreet as well. Looking forward to buying more from you soon :)
(7th of July)
Thank you, I have received it! It was delivered within a couple days. I thank you for being very quick. The shoes are everything my partner had asked for. He loved them. We will be repeat customers. Thank you so much again!
(5th of July)
Dear Allan,
You're boots are genius!
Today I got my first pair of boots from Don's, and I'm super excited! Boots fit like a glove, look smart with slight burnish look, and I'm a serious fan now!! :DI look forward to getting my second pair in order soon.
**Please make these exactly same way with [studded soles].
Have a great week! Kindest wishes to you and your team,
p.s. When is your New York Trunk Show? I want to book a time to meet.
(28th of June 2017)
Hi Allan. My boots arrived. I am very pleased. Excellent job.
Thank you again,

(24th of June 2017)
I received the shoes and they look great. Thank you so much again. I will be ordering some more pairs in the near future. Keep up the great work!
(2nd June 2017)
Hello Allan, I just received my Bergamo 2 shoes and they are magnificent. I’ll be ordering a regular pair of Bergamo in brown.
(29th May 2017)
Hi Allan I have just stretched my boots by a shoe repair shop,and the fitting is perfect I can't believe it,they're the best boots I have ever had
the lift in side the boot is amazing it's like wearing normal shoes, thanks Allan I am so happy. Kindest Regards James Mexias
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(25th May)
Just received the shoes yesterday and I absolutely love them. MST is amazing and provides great support and the looks of the shoes are very attractive. I would definitely like to order more shoes from you in the future. 
(23rd May 2017)
Amazing u did it again. The last pair is amazing.
(23rd of May 2017)
They arrived, and I must say... I'm very impressed. They fit well and the quality is second to none. Thank you don. 
(15th May 2017)
Received the shoes. Great all around, really comfortable, feels a bit unnatural walking in them but I guess it will take some breaking in and getting familiar with. Looks fine as hell. Thanks.
(14th May 2017)
I recieved my boots today morning they're great. Thanks. Will order some more shoes soon. 
(13th May 2017)
I truly truly love the shoe! Its perfect! wooow my wife loves it! Can you do me a favor? seriously! The shoe is amazing! This is my favorite! Also i got it in time! God bless you

(13th May 2017)
Wonderful job!!
Better than the last ones
Thank you!
(12th May 2017)
Hi Allan,

I have worn the shoes on several occasions and I absolutely love them. They stretched out quickly and now fit perfectly. I have never enjoyed an apparel product as much as I have yours!  I can't thank you enough.
(10th May 2017)
Received the shoes .  Very Happy thank you.
(10th May 2017)
I just received them! The shoes are great! Thank you! :)
(9th May 2017)
Hi Allan
Thanks very much - arrived this morning.
Excellent. I'm very happy with the shoes.
(6th May)
Hi Allan
Just letting you know my boots arrived safely; they fit perfectly and are wearing in nicely.
I would certainly recommend your products to anyone who appreciates workmanship of this standard.
Suffice it to say that when it comes to my next pair of shoes or boots  - I'll be back.
All the best,
(25th of April)
Hi Allan
great job! I got both pairs and they look awesome. I'll order another pair of MST Frangou
(20th of April)
Dear Don,
Received the shoes yesterday, and love them!
The craftsmanship is beautiful and i love the weight.
I feel like I own a secret weapon now.
(20th of April 2017)
Hi Allan,
Both pair returned from the stretcher and both fit perfectly.  The shoe repair shop is in Studio City, California.  The owner works with a lot of high end shoes.  He said these are very high quality. 
(18th of April 2017)
Alan, I just got my boots and I LOVE them!! I’m going to buy a ton more.  The construction and feel is excellent.
(18th of April 2017)
The shoes arrived this weekend. They are both beautiful! Very well made with gorgeous leather.
(13th of April 2017)
Alan, I just got my boots and I LOVE them!! I’m going to buy a ton more.  The construction and feel is excellent. I wear boots nearly every day and am concerned that wearing the same style will get a bit old.  
(12th of April)
Hi Allan,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my order.  The shoes are works of art!  The fit was great too.
I just put in another order for 2 more pairs.
Thanks for the great work on the first pair.

(11th of April)
Hi Allan
Have received the shoes - they're great.
Apart from the excellent craftsmanship and quality, the midsole tech is brilliant.
They are so much more comfortable than my other elevator shoes - and feel more stable - I thought for a moment that you'd forgotten they were elevator shoes and had to double check and measure myself.
Have taken a walk down the street and am very impressed by the comfort and stability - I don't feel as if I'm leaning forward as I did in the other shoes.
I've just ordered another pair in the Botticelli.
I've ordered a 10 rather than a 10.5 as the pair I've just received are slightly big for me, but will wear them with inserts, that should make them more snug.
Thanks again for the quality, comfort and the speed of delivery.

(11th of April 2017)

Got them today Allan. Worth the wait!
Excellent quality and exactly what I was looking for. 
I will be ordering a dress shoe from you in the near future..
Thanks... Doug
(9th of April 2017)
Hello Allan 
I am happy to tell that we fixed the shoes so he can wear them without any problem. You got a lot of compliment for your work as well!
Thank you
(6th of April 2017)
Hi Allan,  (LOL..I kept mistakenlycalling you Don)
I just want to know that  have all the shoes that I ordered from you and they are...SPECTACULAR! The craftsmanship, your work, and materials are just amazing.
Thank you very much for making these great shoes. The quality and the color is unbelievable. The shoe that I told to that felt tight, has stretched and is now perfect. I promise that I will order more, perhaps as soon as your next sale, so when that happens please let me know.
Again, I am so proud of these shoes. 
Thanks again,
(6th of April 2017)
Good evening Allan,

The purpose of this email is to let you know that I love my new handmade shoes. They are comfortable, unnoticeable and look great with just about any outfit. Thank you for keeping me updated through out the time and look forward to doing business with you again.

Best regards,
(6th of April 2017)
The shoes are great...Thank you !
I will be buying again.  I hope you have repeat buyer discount.
All the best !
(4th of April 2017)
Hey Allan,
FYI received the second pair today!!!😀
Sorry to bust your chops matey, appreciate your patience and great service, also bloody amazing shoes!!
Customer for life.



(30th March 2017)
Hello Allan,
I received my 2 pairs of shoes. As the first pairs purchased, I am very very satisfied. See you soon for new purchases.
Thanks again.
(28th March 2017)
 Just want to say thank you. My nephew loved the shoes you made for him. He wore them his whole wedding day and said that they were really very comfortable.  The added height definitely helped him look eye to eye with his bride.

(24th March 2017)
Hi Allan, 
I just got the shoes today and its great.
It pass my expectation..
Thank you a lot, sincerely.
(17th Mrch 2017)
Hi Allan
Received my shoes today, and they are really comfortable. Really love them. 
Will be ordering some more asap
(13th March 2017)
BTW- My about 5 year old brown pair of these, which were resoled locally,  are still going strong.
(12th March 2017)
Hi Don, 
As you know, I've been ordering from you since 2012 and have a closet FULL of your amazing shoes. In fact, I just ordered 2 more pairs a couple of days ago. The midsole tech is so incredible and I'm so grateful you created that; now no one knows! 
(7th March 2017)
Can't wait to get the new shoes.
Sadly it's time to retire a couple of old pairs bought from your good self.
For your reference I've managed 4 and 2 years out of them- with one resole. And given I'm a junior doctor and walk 10-12,000 steps a day I think that's pretty dam good!
Thanks for your work once again,
Can't wait for the new pair,
(3rd March 2017)
Greetings!! to you Don. I just wanted to update and thank you for the shoes I got from the mail it has been almost a month now since I started to wear them. love the leather finally broke them in.
(24th Feb 2017)
Just now placed my 5th shoe order in a span of 45 days.  Love the shoes, very comfortable and well made.  I can't wait to receive my 4th and 5th pair.
(19th Feb 2017)
 I received the shoes yesterday.  
Thank you for the beautiful work!
(17th of Feb)
Absolutely beautiful Allan,
I can't thank you enough !
(16th of Feb)
I have them now, and they are great! Fabulous boots and the best yet from you I think! I’m breaking them in right now.
(15th of Feb)
The quality of your workmanship is second to none! 
Kind Regards,
(14th Feb 2017)
Look forward to meeting you and ordering more Cuban heeled Chelsea boots . My two pair I received from you are my favorite ever.
(12th Feb 2017)
I got both pairs of the Workman the black n the brown ... n I absolutely love them!!  The fit the style n the comfort !! As soon as u send the black D'ETNA ... I'm ready to order two more pair of ur amazing shoes !!! Allan they are truly remarkable!

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(8th Feb 2017
 I received the Chelsea boots and they are very nice and comfortable.  I've ordered another pair from your sale collection.  I looks forward to receiving them
(8th Feb 2017)
Hi Allan,
Just received my new double monk shoes and they are BRILLIANT!
They fit beautifully and are the envy of everyone in my office. Even better than I’d envisaged.
(7th of Feb 2017)
The shoes arrived on Saturday. .Wow ....I luv them.. Great work..Everyone is giving me compliments on how sweet they look.. Great work.. Imy going to order something else this week..
(31st of Jan 2017)'
The great thing about these MST Monsters is they have a nice, soft clinking sound when you walk with them... like you're Clint Eastwood headed for a gunfight in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Just an added bonus, courtesy of Dons Footwear.
(30th Feb 2017)
My shoes arrived yesterday and I could not be more pleased.  The quality and and construction appear to be superb.  This is my first time with height increasing shoes and the midsole technology appears to make that aspect seamless.  I really love the leather and stitching...everything about the overall product.  Your service from the time of order to delivery was also excellent.  If these shoes wear as well as they look you may not hear from me for awhile but you have definitely acquired a customer for life.  Thank you so much!!
Best Regards,

(25th Jan 2017
I've just received them (last night). Thank you, they look great and they fit!
(20th January)
Love, LOVE both pairs of MST Monsters I got in the red & black!!!!
The mini inserts are incredibly HIGH QUALITY.

Feels like I'm wearing works of art on my feet.



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