Are you researching Mr Aaron Lynn? Better read this!!!

                                                                 Mr Aaron Lynn

So, You are looking up a  man that for whatsoever reason you wish to know more about. Well here is my 2 cents on Mr Aaron Lyyn, I dont know him well at all, I only met him for 15 mins however he deiceded to use the foreverness of the world wide wide web to defame my name.

About me: Im 39, Ive been a shoemaker for 8 years, and bespoke for 2,  All this has resulted in thousands of interactions and shoes made for customers all over the world, some good, some bad.
On the grand scale of fine shoe making Im not the worlds best,  I would say my quality level is upper mid tier. View for yourself here

I dont wish to go into all the fine details of an unimportant event that has resulted in this first ever defense of my character  however I will start by stating  the following.

His TEST shoe Fitting did not fit...Yup, thats it.....Oh yes and I'm a Racist.

So lets start with this. Do you want to have someone in your working environment like Mr Lyyn? He recorded our conversation to later dissect and then skew the words of mine  Do you want someone around you feels the need to do this? I have the video of our lil interaction, if anyone wishes to judge for themselves to see if I'm a racist let me know. be warned the video if boring and not ONE racist word is muttered or suggested, however you will see 2 miserable people that are not happy that a FIRST Fitting not fitting... and me a terrible salesman who cant changed their mood, and gives up, lol, Interestingly you will see 2 pleasantly happy customers arrive to collect and leave with a pair of bespoke boots (2nd fitting) all while this is going on..


Chip on the Shoulder
So here we have someone that feels he needs to play the race card. This must of happened in the past and will happen again I'm sure of that, He did afterall work/type stuff within a company called Asian efficiency. whats that all about?  One race better than another eh? Funnily enough I used to subscribe to Thanh Pham youtube travel channel. A nice friendly guy.

I feel quite silly having to do this as I tend to ignore all reviews on myself as its shoes I make and if the shoe doesnt fit an over reaction can happen,  however its been a few months now, I think its best to defend myself of this racist charge  ( Off all the things I'm married to a Thai lol)

So, I ask  this, You! the person that needs to know about him...

Do you wish to interact with a man that may well turn out to attack you? because people dont tend to stay friends or associates forever.

This is someone who made threats to my wife over the phone when standing within my business.

Once again, the reason...
His TEST shoe Fitting did not fit... And his attitude towards what is required in a bespoke product resulted in me canceling the order. So yes he is bitter, that I can understand, I would also be disappointed if I had talked my way out what is the only bespoke affordable shoemaker n the City.
(I will add more to this blog over time and reply to all bullet point remarks about me, Im poor at writing unlike Mr Aaron who is quite impressive and imaginative with a pen)

So there you have it, here we have someone who projects to the world that he is the next shark, A serial entrepreneur, someone to seek business advice from, But guess what he is just a dude that works works for his mother. Impressive!

Up next.
The reason why a fitting appointment  is called a fitting appointment.