Friday, November 11, 2016

Our Hand-Welted shoes

I though it would be nice to show a few images of the production process for creating hand-welted shoes.

The sole efdge of the Madison shoe

                                                  Cork between the midsole and the outsole
                                                              Our Hand-Welted golf shoe

                                                     The plate for the female part for the cleats

                A rare chance to make a batch of handwelted shoes, production time being 3 weeks for these 10 pairs
                                                               The Midsole channel and below is our V Heel
                                                                I'm very proud that we can make hand-welted shoes.
It has taken us a few years to get the this level. Long my it continue 

and a video of our Hand-welted shoes


  1. and here is a quick video

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