Monday, October 19, 2015

Reviews Oct 2015

Hi Guys, Its Don here. as you all know my standard of English is quite poor, therefore I dont really do much with the blog.  I mostly just sleep in that class, slightly reggretting it now as the blog really could be great, but its not. So there ye go.... Below is a few comments and reviews of the special elevator shoes I make. All were messages sent to me in the months of September/October. 



                          I always try my best as it is my family name on the shoe after all.
                                                   link to reviews on Don website

September/Oct 2015

The shoes are really lovely and thank you very pleased with them.

I shall order some more shortly

keep up the good work and excellent quality

Hi Allan/Don,
I just received the pair of shoes and they are absolutely amazing, good quality and looks way too nice. It was worth the price and wait. Thank you very much.


 I just wanted to let you know that I received the 2 pairs of shoes I ordered (MST Classic 513 and the MST Beach 515) last week and once again, am really, really impressed by the quality and the speed of delivery of the shoes.  I'm actually planning to order a couple more maybe around August once work starts to slow down a bit, but thank you so much for the top notch products and service.

PS. I really appreciate how you update me through the progress of the shoes –

Hi Allan,

Hope you are well. 

I just received my shoes. Absolutely stunning!!!! Very nice looking and extremely comfortable. 
Now I just to save up to buy more of your collection. 

Hi Alan,
I received the shoes today! They are amazing. So nice that I do not want to wear them!
Will be placing an order for the humas shoe when I get paid at the end of the month!
Thanks so much for your hard work!

Hi Allan 

they have arrived at my mother and they look very good
and are good to walk in :-) 


Just wanted to send a personal message to thank you - the boots arrived today and I was genuinely bowled over by their quality: they look great, feel sturdy, are neat and stylish and fit perfectly. As a frequent lift and cheap shoe wearer I'm also amazed at how comfortable they are, they feel natural and don't seem to impede movement at all which is more than I ever hoped! I've recommended you to friends and on some forums and I'll have to see if there's a review section on your website so I can do the same - thank you!

Hi Allan

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the boots

They fit my hubby perfectly and he is very impressed with the service and quality yet again and is already looking at what to order next time haha 

I am floored by the quality! It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing height I creasing shoes when I wear these! I was expecting them to be a little uncomfortable but they are total opposite! I can actually say they are way more comfortable than the shoes I wear everyday! The sole looks great!

Hi Allan,

Shoes received and once again, absolutely thrilled with the result.

Thanks again and i must say, the craftsmanship of the shoes is getting better and better.



I received the shoes today and all I can say is wow very nice craftsmanship. I will be ordering another pair with in a week thank you.

Hi Allan,

Just picked up my new shoes.

They're really comfortable, I love the quality and will definitely order again. I couldn't be happier.

Just wanted to say thanks for everything.

Hello Mr Allan Donnelly

I have already made 2 purchaces from you (vans tribute black suede 2' EU42, MST QUIRI 2 black glossy 2.5' EU43) and i m more than thrilled by the fine craftmanship, elegance and durability of your work. 
Hi Allan, 

I recieved the shoes yesterday morning. The shoes are really beautiful made and they fit perfectly!. Thank you for your service and everything! 

 Allan Hello, thank you very much for m shoe you have made, it is beautiful. I got married yesterday and I'm very happy with the result. Just a detail with the red color turns white socks on! But that said I think you made a good job, thanks again ... 

Dear Don,
I would like to inform you that I have received the shoes and I would like to thank you for your work. These are the most comfortable height increasing shoes I have ever worn. 

My shoe arrived a few days ago. It looks very good, and it's much more confortable than my previous, I very like it. So thank you very much Sir!:)

Hello Allan,
No need. I received both pairs today, they are really beautiful. I wanted to thank you for the great service and amazing craftsmanship, you have just made another satisfied lifelong customer!
Thanks again, great work :)
Well , I just received my shoes last thursday ..and got them last saturday....They are great ...Like them very much...Thanks Don!!..You just earned a New Client!!....Good materialsn are made of the shoes....And looks the superior quality!!
Greeting for Mexico!!

Hi Allan,
I'll be ordering again from you today. Will make my selection tonight. Thanks for the shoes. They are really great.
Donn, Just returned home from Iraq and put on my first pair of shoes you made. Love 'em. Here's my second order. Thanks for your craftsmanship. Jb
Dear Mr. Donnelly,

I received the shoes and it is nice, my dad should like it.

I got the boots. They are amazing! Your work is better than anyone else. I'll make a comment on your website.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent from my iPad

No worries Don, I am absolutely delightful for the shoes you have made me , they are so nice and comfortable most importantly.
I am already thinking of getting another pair , is it possible if you would give me another little discount 

Thanks for the update. They look great. My MST D'Etnas are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned and I hope these will be just as comfortable.

All arrived and the best looking shoes I have had from you (which is a big statement as I've always been happy enough to come back!)

Will certainly be in contact when I need a new set of shoes/boots


Tom - a happy customer from New Zealand 

Sent from my iPhone

And finally, I really like the review below


These are quite simply amazing. I can find no fault at all in the shoe. The materials are top notch from the suede top to the well crafted soles. The rubber underneath the toe is highly functional. And I even like the classy logo.

Perhaps the best part though is the subtle increase in height. The shoe is so classy that I get the added benefit of feeling more commanding in meetings AND getting compliments on my shoes (we're a business casual corporate environments). I usually buy my jeans 30x30 and get them altered to 30x28...because I'm tiny. No longer. The couple pair of 30x30's I had unaltered fit perfectly with these.

The comfort is on point considering the angle and I know it's just a matter of time until I get used to slant. Certainly not debilitating, if anything it helps me keep better posture.

I don't usually do this, but I truly appreciate your product and will be ordering more soon. Hopefully I can pay extra for faster shipping to get them here sooner next time!! Fingers crossed... ;) 

Score: A+

- William


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