Thursday, October 30, 2014

Latest reviews and comments on Don's Footwear ( Nov 1st 2014)

Hi Allan, Thank you for the shoes. The shoes are really beautiful ! The quality is really good too. have a good day Hey Allan, I received the boots yesterday! Thanks so much! They look great! Sent from my iPhone Hi Allan, The shoes arrived last week, and they look sensational! Thanks for your efforts, and I look forward to ordering again in the future! Hey Allan I got the shoes yesturday they look and feel great my next pair will definatly be from you thanks Tank's again Allan I just received the first shoes,absolutely amazing tank's again,them so comfortable and nice,also tank's for the code number of the discount in the next order will making. Waiting for the second Shoes brilliant man your are an Artist I like it. Hey Allan, I’ve had the shoes for about 3 weeks now, and they are amazing so far! Thanks so much, really appreciate it. Now I’m looking for something more casual to wear regularly. Dear Allan I just let you know I received the second Shoes,and I am very Happy,the color black and design looks so good,amazing, Comfortable. Tank's very much at all the teamwork Don's footwear And special tank's for the Master Speak you soon! Your customer Kindest Regards Andrea Hello Allan, I received the "Della Scilia" and I am very pleased with the quality. I am still waiting for the "Fossato" and the "Salerno" to finish the order. The work on "Della Scilia" is again excellent and I am looking forward to receive the other two pairs which I am sure will be of the same exceptional craftsmanship. Best Regards, Sokratis Hi Allan, Received the shoes today. That is super fast shipping. The shoes look awesome. Very comfortable. You've got one very happy customer. Thanks a lot. Minh We received the shoes, they fit perfectly and John said he will be ordering more !! I am his wife Brenda I do the ordering etcetera just so you know who you're correspond with LOL Sent from my iPhone Hi Allan, the shoes arrived today and I love them. They even look good with shorts. I also cannot believe how comfortable they are. Thanks, Tom Hi Allan I received these boots last week. They look amazing. Thanks a lot for your efforts with these. Cheers Hi Allan Just wanted to say thanks very much- my Tyler boots and suede Trieste just arrived, very impressive as always. No doubt I will be ordering again at some stage in the future Thomas … Hi Allan, I just got the shoes today. I am pretty satisfied with them , great job! I also ordered another pair from the sales department through the app. I just gotta try them on and soon I will be ordering custom made ones. Allan, Just a note of thanks - you made a little boy so very happy. His 2-inch heels worked like a charm and for his 9th birthday was finally tall enough to ride all the roller-coasters at Magic Mountain, here in Southern California. We had a great day yesterday; and for the first time my son didn't feel so small. Thanks again. Thanks Allen, I feel I owe you an apology, When I received my Nerone’s a couple years ago the initial fit felt loose .. and I think I said something about that. The truth is they have become my favorite boots and I am proud to wear them. I get compliments on the quality and style frequently. Btw they fit like a glove! Can't wait to get them. I bought new jeans and a new suit to wear with them. I have 2 old pairs of your shoes that are not MST and I showed them to my 5' 10'' friend last night and he wants my old ones. He loved the craftsmanship. \by the way a testament to your shoes, i bought mine several years ago and wear them 5 days a week. and they are still in top condition and the rubber on the heel is still even. Hi Allan, I received the shoes in Shanghai. They were really worth the wait. Thanks again Simon Hey Don, Just wanted to say I have received my shoes and thank you so much! I am so impressed by not only the way things have been done but the shoe itself is amazing. As soon as I get enough spending cash I will be ordering another pair in the future. Thank you and keep doing what your doing. Kelly FYI - In receipt of my shoes today. Please accept my sincere appreciation for a job well done. They fit well and look really good on my feet. It's been a pleasure to work with you through this shoe process. Ronald received the shoes and I'm blown away. They look and feel amazing. The mid sole tech is outstandingly comfortable. The shoe construction is absolutely top notch and I've received tons of compliments already (and no one suspected any lifts being present!). All of this is to say that you've definitely secured a customer for life. Can't wait to place my next order soon! Boots delivered. Really great work ! Allan, I got the shoes last week and they look and feel great. Thanks for getting them out to me under such a tight deadline Hi I recieved the shoes and they look and fit wonderfully. Truly. Thank you for them. Thanks again. Gabe Allan, Received the shoes! they are fine and beautiful, thank you Allan! Best regards France Allan, Bien reçu les chaussures ! elles sont très bien et belles, merci Allan ! Best regards France I got the 3 shoes and they all fit great. The dark brown Ernest will go perfectly with either jeans or a brown suit. The blue suede shoes you made are very comfortable and easily stand out from any other shoe I have. The MST Pepper, however, is in a class all its own. It is not a boot. It is a work of art. It belongs in a museum. It seemed like a sacrilege to stuff my stinky feet into them. I love them. The Pepper will turn heads everywhere I go, no doubt about it. Thanks Again! Your Loyal Customer, Hey, Brother. My shoes just arrived a few hours ago, I am extremely happy with them. Biggest thanks, they are top notch. ,Great Work, and many thanks.   Hello, I received the shoes I ordered you and they fit perfectly with what I was waiting, I thank you. Kind regards. Mr. Houzet.

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