Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to use elevator shoes

There is no secret to using elevator shoes, It quite simple really! it  just takes time to get used to wearing them. The only problem with regular elevator shoes is that it can be noticeable due to the walking action and the look of the shoe then there is the discomfort of wearing them for more than 8 hours. Ive met quite a few customers over the years and I've listened to  what is important that why I created the MIDSOLE TECH style. I was diterminde to make a shoe that looks and feels normal. The next step for me is to create an even higher high increase and retain that normal look. I am the own of Don's Footwear will strive to make that happen so I can keep the Don the best elevator website on the web

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  1. I've sent a note because I'm finding my heels pop out. It's too bad because the shoes look sophisticated...


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