Saturday, April 7, 2012

5 inch elevator boot

The  D'Enta Boot in Mahogany brown. This model can give the wearer upto an 5 inch boost. My 5 inch elevator shoes are horrendous, this is not!  (Also looks fine in Black)


  1. Nice! Do you have this color available to order? Didn't see mahogany brown option on the order form. Thanks!

  2. Hi, would you please measure yourself before and after to see if the.height boost is legit? If so i would love buy a pair thanks. please reply mate :-)

    1. I made some boots for a theatre company, they sent me some pictures of before and after you can see the difference here

      I will try to get some pictures on the website also

      Kindest Regards


  3. Same as the guy above. Could you post some pictures of yourself or a model wearing the 5 inch D'Enta? (:

  4. Hi, this is Jackia, I am wondering if I wear the 5 inches boot, will it be so obvious that I am wearing elevator shoes? I am so scared that it will look so obvious. Since, it is 5 inches shoes, I think the vertical length of the boot should be longer as well. It seems a bit shot in the photo.


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