Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An article about elevator shoes

I am not a tall guy and having a pair of quality shoes that can make me look tall would be a great plus. Gaining a taller impression helps my confidence and style with better posture. Recently, I have come across some fantastic shoes at Elevator Shoes.

What attracted me to these shoes? Here are some important aspects that made me consider:

1. Totally handmade and tailored to fit customer's size
2. Quality real leather imported from Europe
3. Leather sole
4. Fully lined using calf skin
5. Full grain sock lining for longer lasting
6. Nailed heel step to sole
7. Hand-stitched threading
8. High quality anti-slip rubber top piece on the heel
9. Full grain leather upper

They actually keep records of customer's data so that they can improve the shoe design for better fit in the future. In order to do this, they actually keep in contact with customers on the result of the fit and any other feedback that helps them make positive adaptation in the next order.

I particularly like this service because it assures the possibility of improvement that give me a more comfortable fit for my next and future orders.

What's more, they entitle you in their membership club called Made Man Lounge which gives you a 20% discount on the next purchases for life time. Men around the world can benefit from their shoes because they ship worldwide.

Some of the elevator shoes that have attracted my interest in design and style:

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